Zach Johnson forced to do humiliating star jumps by coach after missing putt in practise at US Open


ZACH JOHNSON was forced to do humiliating star jumps by his coach after missing a putt in practise.

The two-time major champion was getting the feel of the Pebble Beach greens when TV cameras caught his bizarre routine.

Johnson’s body language shows he knows what’s coming after missing the putt
The two-time major champ did not put a lot of effort into the star jumps, if truth be told

After missing a left-to-right 4ft putt, Johnson hangs his head knowing what is to come and walks off to the side of the green after dropping his putter.

Next, the 2007 Masters and 2015 Open champ is shown doing eight star jumps as bemused fans watch on.

Johnson, 43, walks back to his putt to try to hole it once more after completing his punishment.

This is the second weird situation American Johnson has found himself in in recent months.

At April’s Masters he accidentally hit his ball off the tee and into a tee marker during a practise swing on the 13th hole.

Unfortunately for him, fans saw the funny side to his new exercise regime.

One said: “Let’s add push-ups. A warm-up lap before tee is key to success.”

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Another wrote: “Those are some weak-a** jumping jacks. My four-year-old does better ones.”

A fellow user posted: “Star jumps as lame as his putting.”

While another said simply: “Lunatic.”


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