X Factor ‘fix’ as Ricki Lake and Olivia Olson booted out amid tearful controversy


The X Factor: Celebrity is facing ‘fix’ claims after Ricki Lake and Olivia Olson became the first stars booted out.

Viewers have been left outraged after Simon Cowell decided to send home the Love Actually child star instead of journalist Martin Bashir.

Talkshow legend Ricki was kicked out of the competition immediately after receiving the fewest votes from the public.

The judges were then given the power to save one of the remaining pair – with Simon Cowell casting the deciding vote and sending Olivia home.

Inconsolable Olivia was left in floods of tears and was told by host Dermot O’Leary to “hold it together”.

Olivia was in floods of tears

Ricki was given the chop

When asked how she was feeling, Olivia could barely speak and muttered: “Not great.”

There were boos ringing around the studio when Simon decided to send Olivia home and save Martin.

Giving his verdict, Simon said: “I think you’re both in this situation because of song choices. Being impartial, I’m making this decision on who I believe the public would like to see through to next week.

“Based on that reason the person I’m sending home is, unfortunately, Olivia.”

They received the fewest votes from the public

Dermott tried to console Olivia

Furious X Factor viewers took to Twitter after the controversial result was announced.

One viewer said: “IS HE SERIOUS?! This show we’ve heard before but is more likely now to be a fix, especially now with agents of these celebrities involved.”

“What the HELL?! Olivia was amazing she should not be going home first..I’m sorry but what was Simon thinking???,” added another.

A third said: “Can’t blame Olivia for being in tears really I would be aswel if I got sent home over a guy who can’t even hold a note”

“What a load of rubbish so you finish off the best singers and let the worse one remain …. fix or what!,” said a fourth.

Olivia was speechless

Even saved celebrity Martin admitted that Olivia was a much better singer than him.

On whether he expected to be saved, he said: “I didn’t and Olivia is a wonderful vocalist. 10 times what I am. It’s really tough. We knew when we came into this it was going to be hard.”

Ricki was given the boot straight away after failing to impress the voting public at home.

Ricki admitted it was ‘surreal’

Giving her reaction, she said: “I guess I have to stick to my day job. It’s been such an amazing experience. So surreal for me.

“And to be embraced by this audience, who grew up with me, Louis who are up with me, I love that he said that.

“It’s been an amazing experience and thank you for welcoming me.”

*The X Factor: Celebrity airs Saturday on ITV at 8.20pm


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