WWE legend Paige says it’s bittersweet for her that fans want her to return at Royal Rumble


WWE legend Paige has poured cold water on the rumours that she could be about to make a shock return to wrestling at the Royal Rumble.

The Norwich-born star, who was forced out of the ring with serious neck injuries, has teased that she could be part of the over-the-top-rope extravaganza this Sunday.

WWE legend Paige is flattered fans are desperate for her to return at the Royal Rumble
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The Norwich-born star was forced into retirement following a series of neck injuries
Arfa Griffiths – The Sun

The 27-year-old never had the chance to compete in a Royal Rumble match after she was permanently sidelined during a house show event weeks before the inaugural women’s event in 2018.

But WWE COO Triple H recently fuelled rumours of her return after admitting that he would like the former Divas Champion to return to the ring, 

And Paige – real name Saraya-Jade Bevis – revealed in an exclusive interview with SunSport that she is flattered that people still miss her so much.

She said: “My neck feels so great. I don’t have any issues with it or pain which is wonderful.

“It’s kind of bittersweet because you know I want to (return).

“More than anything because my career got taken away from me without me wanting it.

It’s really sad cause all I ever wanted to do was wrestle. But at the same time I think it’s great because it still shows that people miss me

Paige on her WWE return

“I didn’t retire because I wanted too, I had too, and it’s really sad cause all I ever wanted to do was wrestle.

“But at the same time I think it’s great because it still shows that people miss me and they wanna see me back so it’s a bittersweet thing.”

Paige went some way to teasing her own return at the Royal Rumble with CM Punk on Twitter with fans planning a host of dream matches if she was medically cleared.

The British star has also drawn up her own list, with clashes against former protege Asuka and RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch.

She added: “There’s two that I would like to face, the first would be Asuka. I would want to be with Becky too.

“Obviously you have to go with the top person in the company and the top person in the company, male or female is Becky.

“And no one can even argue that she is the face so you go for the top dog right?

“But I always wanted to face Asuka. I just think she’s an amazing athlete and we already have a little something that happened when I split with the Kabuki Warriors, so why not run with that a little bit.”

WWE Royal Rumble is available to watch this Sunday night at 12am on PPV from BT Sport Box Office, or you can watch via the WWE Network – sign up now and get your first month free.

Paige alongside Andrade, Kurt Angle and Cain Velasquez in WWE’s SunSport takeover for BT Sport
Arfa Griffiths – The Sun


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