World’s most disgusting zoo sees depressed monkeys and crocodiles rotting in rubbish-strewn cages at Indonesia army base


A zoo in Indonesia has sparked outrage after images emerged showing monkeys and crocodiles rotting in rubbish-strewn cages.

The photos were taken at a compound for the Strategic Army Command, a branch of the Indonesian army, which has a mini-zoo on site.


The images posted to social media showed a monkey surrounded by plastic waste[/caption]


A cassowary bird appeared to have only a bucket of rotten food to eat[/caption]


A crocodile was submerged in filthy green water[/caption]

They show a monkey in a cage filled with discarded plastic bags and containers, and a cassowary, a species of flightless bird, next to a bucket of what looks like rotting food.

Also depicted is a crocodile tail protruding from filthy green water and surrounded by disposable cups and scrap metal.

The images were posted onto social media with a caption describing the conditions as “far from proper”, and were later retweeted by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in Indonesia.

The site is in the city of Depok, which is itself part of Greater Jakarta, the metropolitan area surrounding Indonesia’s capital.

Animal welfare group Garda Satwa Indonesia contacted the local office of the Indonesian government’s Ministry of Environment and Forestry to report the conditions.

The compound have acknowledged the criticism and have reportedly cleaned the enclosures.

Spokesman Colonel Adhi Giri Ibrahim said the zoo had been dirty because of the Eid holiday, saying there had been an increase in visitors at a time when many officers had been on leave.

He said that clearer signs warning visitors not to drop litter had been put up in the compound.

He added that the compound would work with the Indonesian government and would be willing to transfer the animals to a different zoo or release them into the wild if necessary.


The images were retweeted by the Indonesian branch of the World Wildlife Foundation[/caption]


The zoo blamed the mess on greater footfall during the Eid holiday[/caption]

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