Woman’s ‘surprise’ goes horribly wrong


It’s difficult to describe the sort of agony that comes when you commit to waxing a sensitive area of your body.

Men and women alike are slaves to our hairy nooks and crannies, and sometimes it’s easier to just rip it all off and get yourself a clean slate.

At least, that’s what Scottish woman Kiera Stirton thought when she decided to surprise her boyfriend who was due to return from a holiday.

media_cameraKiera’s boyfriend Callum was on holiday and she thought she would surprise him. Picture: Instagram/@kierastirton

Kiera explained that her boyfriend, who she is very much in love with, was on holiday.

“ … So (I) thought I would surprise him and wax,” she posted on Twitter this month.

But rather than going to a trained professional to rip those little suckers out of her armpits, Kiera decided on a quick and easy home job.

What followed looks like a disaster out of Madame Tussauds’ was museum workshop.

media_cameraKiera showed off her ‘handiwork’ on Twitter with a close up picture of her pit. Picture: Twitter/@kierastirton_xo

Kiera posted the grisly photos to Twitter, explaining she had neglected a crucial step in her process and effectively coated her entire armpit in wax.

“Forg(o) t the wax was wet, now my f***ing armpit is glued (together),” she wrote.

“How does this even happen?!”

According to Kiera, she had to visit her local emergency hospital to get herself out of the sticky situation.

“And let’s just say my bikini line is getting the good old trusty razor,” Kiera joked.

media_cameraA video of her armpit reveals her skin was literally glued together. Picture: Twitter/@kierastirton_xo

According to Kiera, her mother walked in on her during the incident and thought she had ripped her armpit in half and was bleeding.

“She was freaking out,” Kiera wrote.

She said she couldn’t even lift her arm up, posting a video that showed the glued skin in her armpit pulling while she tried to manoeuvre her arm.

media_cameraKiera could barely lift her arm after she had essentially glued it together. Picture: Instagram/@kierastirton

Her tweet got a lot of attention from people, who both laughed at her unfortunately predicament and wished her a speedy recovery.

“Hope you feel better soon gal,” one woman wrote to her.

The entire ordeal left Kiera “cut and bruised” but she reported that she was doing fine.

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