Woman driver uses Tinder to save her life after car got stuck on icy road on remote cliff edge


A GERMAN woman and her two friends ingeniously used dating app, Tinder to find a kind stranger to help rescue them after they perilously became stuck on an icy cliff edge.

Lonia Haeger and two others were travelling through Norway when an ice storm left them trapped at the precipice of a lethal cliff edge, but dreamed up a plan to find a prince charming to help them out.

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The trio were rescued by a ‘friendly construction worker’[/caption]


Lonia ingeniously used Tinder to find a local to come to her rescue[/caption]

Lonia had been travelling through nortehrn Europe with two friends, test-driving a camper van.

While driving in the remote Nordkapp of northern Norway the trio got caught in an ice storm.

Lonia, posting to Instagram about the ordeal says: “Just after 30 minutes driving down of the North Cape, it started raining…the street iced up that we even couldn’t stay on one point! (sic)

“The worst, we stopped in front of a mountain going down, next to the street just ocean and big rocks and we stopped exactly behind a curve.”

She added: “The moment you realize your are helpless against Mother Nature. (sic)”

The friends were terrified a car careening along the icy stretch could push them off the cliff, or the rapidly building ice would see them slide to their deaths.

The treacherous conditions also meant remote location emergency services were too far away to reach them quickly.

But then Lonia’s pal had a genius idea.

She wrote: “While sitting in our camper with the fear that every second the car could slide down the mountain or a car could crash into our camper due to the slippery road, Phil had the weird but actually genius idea to create a tinder account with me and this fluffy cutie.”

Tinder uses your phone’s location to match you singles in your area.

It meant that Lonia was able to quickly track down someone who lived close enough to come out and help with the icy roads making travelling long-distance impossible.

The professional kite-surfer quickly put together a Tinder profile, with a snap of her and her adorable dog.

Lonia explains how “literally five minutes later” the trio were rescued by a friendly bearded local named Stian.


She wrote: “Another 5 minutes later he came up with his Bulldozer and shaped lines in the ice. We followed him to the next parking slot and the day after our hero organized tires with spikes! (There wasn’t a mechanic closer than 200km).

“Now we can continue our road trip to the Lofoten. Tusen takk for your help @stianlauluten. (sic)”

The trio’s manager, Steven Stade who organised their road trip said everyone was “really worried about them… stuck in the middle of nowhere,” but luckily Stian, a “kind construction worker” was there to avert disaster.

Central European News

The pair used Tinder to arrange the rescue mission[/caption]

Central European News

Lonia posted about the ordeal on Instagram[/caption]

Central European News

The trio had been road-testing the camper van when they got stuck in perilous conditions[/caption]

Central European News

Two of the trapped gang with their rescuer[/caption]


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