Will West Ham vs Arsenal be postponed and why’s Tottenham fixture going ahead after ‘unexploded WW2 bomb’ discovered?


WEST HAM’S London derby against Arsenal next month could be postponed.

The reason for this is the discovery of a possible unexploded World War Two bomb during work on an apartment development next to the London Stadium.

West Ham vs Arsenal could be postponed following the discovery of a possible unexploded World War 2 bomb
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Will West Ham vs Arsenal be postponed?

West Ham vs Arsenal has been thrown into doubt as experts will need to work on the site.

Specialist police officers were called to the scene just before midday on November 15 and a 150m cordon was put in place.

A source said: “We think it is an unexploded bomb.

“It’s crazy to think of all the people walking around here during the Olympics and we had no idea it was here.”

The match is scheduled to be played on Monday, December 9.

Why is West Ham vs Tottenham going ahead as planned?

West Ham vs Tottenham is being played next Saturday – more than two weeks before the Arsenal game.

The area has been ruled safe for now and specialist bomb disposal experts are not visiting the area until Monday, November 25 – two days after the Spurs game.

A Sun source said: “The bomb is in a tricky position, so could take up to two weeks to sort it out, which takes us into the second week of December.

“Between now and 25 November teams will be putting together a plan of what to do.”

The timetable means a match against Spurs on November 23 will go ahead but there are doubts over the Arsenal game on December 9.


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