Who won The Greatest Dancer series 1, what is the prize and is there still time to apply for next year?


THE Greatest Dancer became an instant hit on the BBC when it premiered in January, providing a new form of Saturday entertainment for viewers across the nation.

And with the news that the show is expecting to return for a second series, you’re probably curious to know more. Here’s all that we know.

The Greatest Dancer returns for a second series in 2020

Who won the first series of The Greatest Dancer?

Ellie Ferguson is the 14-year-old contemporary dancer who was crowned the first winner of The Greatest Dancer.

Winning the first series has given her the chance to appear on Strictly Come Dancing as part of her prize, according to the Daily Mail.

And if that wasn’t enough, Ellie also won £50,000 for winning the series, but she reportedly planned on giving half of the amount to her dance teacher Jenni Inglis for helping her come so far.

“I want to give half of it to my dance teacher and I want to use it to help me get to dance school”, Ellie gushed.

Earlier in the series, Ellie had openly shared: “Dancing is everything to me. It takes up most of my life which I love because when I’m there I feel free and I enjoy it so much.

“I love all my dancing friends and teachers, we are more like a family. Dancing is my future.”

Ellie won the first series of The Greatest Dancer

What is the prize?

The winner of The Greatest Dancer is crowned with a trophy, £50,000 and a chance to perform on the forthcoming series of Strictly Come Dancing.

It’s strongly believed that this could potentially even lead to a full-time position as a Strictly pro – depending on the winner’s age.

Of course, that’s just a rumour, so we’ll see how far Ellie will go after she makes her Strictly debut.

Is there still time to apply for next year?

Unfortunately, if you planned to apply for the forthcoming series, you’re too late.

Applications were open until August 4, 2019, according to Telly Mix, which saw thousands of fans send in their audition in the form of a YouTube video clip.

Soloists, groups and duos were all encouraged to apply as producers were on the hunt for even bigger and better talent for 2020.


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