Who Was Dawn Sturgess, What Has The Novichok Victim’s Family Said About Her Drug Addiction And How Many Children Does She Have?


A WOMAN poisoned by a deadly Russian nerve agent in Salisbury has died in hospital as her partner continues to fight for life.

A murder probe into Dawn Sturgess’ death has now been launched eight days after her and Charlie Rowley collapsed in Amesbury. Here’s what we know…

Facebook Dawn Sturgess has died after she was poisoned with a nerve agent in Salisbury

Who was Dawn Sturgess?

The 44-year-old was rushed to hospital on June 30 after falling ill at a home in Amesbury, Wiltshire.

Just hours later, her partner Charlie was also taken to hospital with the same symptoms.

As both remained in a critical condition, scientists from the Government’s nearby defence research centre Porton Down confirmed they had been poisoned with Novichok.

It was announced on June 8 that Dawn had tragically passed away.

It is thought MI6 agent Sergei Skripal’s assassins “recklessly lobbed away” the vial away after daubing the Novichok on his front door.

Him and daughter Yulia have both recovered after being found slumped on a park bench in Salisbury on March 4.

What have her family said about her drug addiction?

A family friend said mum Caroline Sturgess had claimed her daughter was not being given the same care as the Skripals because she is a “nobody alcoholic”.

Facebook Police have launched a murder investigation after Dawn Sturgess died in hospital

They added: “She feels that Dawn is not getting the same quality of treatment as the Skripals because of her background and the fact she’s an alcoholic. She’s seen as a nobody, really.”

The friend explained how Dawn switched from a popular pupil at Durrington school in Wiltshire to a homeless alcoholic due to post-natal depression when Aidan was born.

The pal said: “Her personality changed. She became like a zombie. She didn’t care about anything and just let everything go. She started smoking weed and over the course of time she turned to harder drugs.”

Dawn was living in a homeless hostel 300 yards from the Zizzi restaurant where MI6 mole Sergei and daughter Yulia ate before they collapsed.

Initially it was assumed the pair had fallen victim to a bad batch of heroin currently circulating in Wiltshire.

After it was confirmed as Novichok, CCTV was released of Dawn buying alcohol from her local cornershop just hours before she fell ill on June 30.

Enterprise News and Pictures One of the last times that Dawn Sturgess was seen was when she was buying alcohol on the Friday before her death

The pair are believed to have picked up the nerve agent vial from a park drug den, according to their neighbour.

Tom Ricks told the Sun on Sunday, dealers often placed stashes in their crack hideout at Queen Elizabeth Gardens in Salisbury.

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