Who is Mark McMullan? Britain’s Got Talent singer who’s first audition had the audience in tears


BRITAIN’S Got Talent is on the semi-final stage and with it comes singer Mark McMullan.

But just who is the musical wonder? Here’s the lowdown.

Britain’s Got Talent singer Mark McMullan is hoping to win the show
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Who is Mark McMullan?

Mark is a 23-year-old singer from Newcastle.

Mark has previously sung Bring Him Home on Ireland’s Late, Late, Late Show in 2015, while his family watched in the audience.

He first became known after a YouTube video of Saintfield student Mark singing the same song to his disabled brother went viral.

The singer moved the audience to tears on his first audition
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What has happened to Mark McMullan so far on Britain’s Got Talent?

During Mark’s first audition on May 4, 2019, fans were left in tears after the singer performed a touching tribute for his disabled brother and made it through to the next round.

Show boss Simon Cowell became emotional and shook hands with Mark’s mother and brother after he sang an impressive rendition of Bring Him Home from Les Miserables.

Mark said: “Nearly six years ago, my older brother took sick from a brain injury.

“He’s here today but he was left with a condition called locked-in syndrome – he’s trapped inside his own body, the only thing he can do is hear, so my music became a big comfort for him.”

McMullan’s performance moved members of the audience to tears and the judges praised him highly for his “poignant” effort.

He is now set to try his luck in TONIGHT’S (May 30, 2019) semi-final from 7.30pm.

When is the Britain’s Got Talent final?

The final is THIS SUNDAY (June 2).

The show goes out at 7.30pm on ITV.

The winner will be announced just before The News at 10.05pm.

You can then switch over to ITV2 to watch Britain’s Got More Talent.


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