When Is The Next General Election Due To Take Place And How Often Are The Votes Held?


GENERAL election’s by law have to be held in the UK within five years of each other.

Here is all you need to know about when we are likely to next head to the polls.

Alamy Live News General elections must be held every five years by law

What is a General Election?

A General Election is the chance for people in the UK to select an MP to represent their local area in the House of Commons.

Normally there will be several candidates standing to be MP in each constituency.

The General Election vote will also determine who will be elected as the UK Prime Minister.

The last General Election was held on June 8, 2017.

AFP or licensors The date of the last general election was June 8 2017

How often are General Elections held in the UK?

General elections have to be held at least every five years in the UK.

Previously elections could be called simply by the Prime Minister going to the Queen at any point within five years of the last one.

But after the Fixed Term Parliament Act was passed in 2011 the five-year gap was enshrined in law.

The act states that general elections are to be held on the first Thursday in May every five years.

However, it has two provisos for the polls opening early.

Firstly: “A motion of no confidence passed in Her Majesty’s Government by a simple majority and 14 days elapses without the House passing a confidence motion in any new Government formed.”

And Secondly: “A motion for a general election is agreed by two thirds of the total number of seats in the Commons including vacant seats (currently 434 out of 650).”

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