What to wear to Wimbledon 2019 – is there a dress code and should visitors wear white to the All England Club?


WIMBLEDON 2019 is up and running and the court has become a sea of white – but is there a strict dress code for those attending the famous tennis tournament?

Here’s all you need to know when it comes to dressing for the world’s most prestigious tennis event…

Players are required to adhere to a strict all-white dress code
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Players are required to adhere to a strict all-white dress code[/caption]

What should you wear to Wimbledon 2019 and do you have to wear white?

The championship celebrates its 142nd anniversary this year.

Both players and spectators are expected to dress to impress when attending Wimbledon.

But, while players are required to adhere to a strict all-white dress code, ticket holders are not.

Spectators at Centre and Number One Courts, however, are expected to be smartly turned out – but there are no specific guidelines.

Wimbledon 2019
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It is unclear whether this would meet the dress code or not…[/caption]

Does Wimbledon have a dress code?

In recent years, the strict dress code for spectators has become more relaxed (e.g. a tie is no longer necessary) but there are still some unofficial expectations – and dressing smartly is encouraged.

Wimbledon Player Dress Code

  • White must be worn. Off-white or cream is not acceptable
  • Colour trims are permitted – no wider than 1cm
  • Patterns are allowed but any solid mass of colour must be no wider than 1cm
  • Spectators are encouraged to dress smartly
  • Shoes must be white – no large brand logos
  • Undergarments must be white
Wimbledon's dress code has relaxed in recent years
Wimbledon’s dress code has relaxed in recent years
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Wimbledon Spectator Dress Code (Guidelines)

Torn jeans, running vests, dirty trainers and sports shorts are outright banned for Debenture ticket holders.

Tailored shorts are permissible.

Some hospitality areas prohibit jeans and trainers and the dress code is also stricter within the Members Enclosure – where men must wear a lounge suit or tailored jacket, shirt, and tie.

Women should avoid anything too tight or short – simple, classic looks are encouraged.

In general, ticket holders should aim for a smart casual look – but you are likely to see plenty of white outfits inspired by the players.


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