What Is Fortnite’s Crack In The Sky, What’s Planned For Season 5, And Where Is Everything On The Map Disappearing To?


FORTNITE Season 5 is ONE WEEK away and Epic have begun dropping clues about what fans can expect from the games’ new chapter.

Among them is the players’ mission to decipher what Fortnite’s Crack in the Sky is and what this latest mystery means but not to worry – here’s all you need to know before Season 5 kicks off at 9 a.m. UK time on July 12…

Things are getting really weird, with items from the Fortnite world appearing in the real world

What started off as one crack has grown significantly since the weekend

Fortnite’s Crack in the Sky gives players their first clue to how Season 4 will end

What is Fortnite’s Crack in the Sky?

It was left when the much-hyped rocket launched at Tilted Towers, only to be deflected by some sort of protective shield.

When it exploded in the sky high above the Battle Royale Island, the explosion caused a huge crack to appear.

The crack suggests a shield surrounding the Battle island is deteriorating which leaves it open to be invaded by outside forces.

As so often happens with cracks, this one is growing.

This started out as some of the tendrils getting a little longer, but what was a small crack now fills almost the entire sky.

Secondary cracks have started to split off from the main one, and smaller cracks are appearing at key areas all over the map.

You would expect to see a giant tomato head on top of the pizza place, but instead there is just glinting light

Why are some things vanishing?

Some in-game objects are being affected by little rifts that are appearing all over the map.

The most recent victim is the giant burger-face above Greasy Grove’s Durr Burger, as captured by Fawfulz on Reddit.

This was then found in the real world, in California’s Mojave desert.

Tomato Town’s tomato head on top of the pizza parlour, is also no more, along with Lonely Lodge’s sign, and the Motel sign at Anarchy Acres.

Expect the conclusion of Season 4 to feature the crack in the sky continuing to open up to ultimately cause either destruction or a time-rift.


Greasy Grove’s Durr Burger sign is the latest victim of the mysterious rifts

Sela Shiloni/Twitter The burger has now been found… in the Mojave desert, between Los Angeles and Death Valley

Epic Games Again, where there should be a sign there is now just a spark of light

EPIC Some reports suggest a huge monster/alien is being added to the game

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