What is Emmerdale's Frank Clayton hiding? Fans speculate over bizarre disappearances


Frank Clayton’s constant disappearing acts on Emmerdale has not only left lover Megan Macey confused but fans baffled too.

Over the last few days, Frank has been acting very shifty as he tries to hide what he has been doing from Megan.

Considering Frank’s dodgy history, including being jailed for fraud, cheating on Megan with Charity and his worrying schemes, it’s unsurprising that his partner might be thinking the worst.

Baffled viewers have flocked to Twitter to speculate on what Frank is up to.

One tweeted: “What is Frank up to ?? #Emmerdale.”


While another questioned: “Hmmm wonder what Frank is up to… #Emmerdale.”

Meanwhile others were convinced that Frank was up to something dodgy yet again.

A fan remarked: “Frank is so doing a dodgy deal… Or cheating. It’ll all come out after the fire. #Emmerdale.”

Another wrote: “Frank is up to something dodgy….as per usual #Emmerdale.”

Frank, played by Dynasty actor Michael Praed, first appeared in Emmerdale in August 2016 after David Metcalfe first visited him in prison in the hope of reuniting Tracy with her estranged father.

However Frank quickly began spinning lies to David about the reason for his incarceration to get him on-side.

Despite Tracy initially refusing to speak to her dad, the pair became close once again.

How will Tracy react when she discovers what her dad is really up to?

*Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7pm on ITV


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