Were The Chuckle Brothers Actually Brothers, When Was Chucklevision On Tv And Where Did They Grow Up?


Children of the Eighties will remember the daftness and slapstick of the Chuckle Brothers well.

But yesterday Barry Chuckle AKA Barry Elliott passed away age 73 – here’s all you need to know about the beloved children’s comedy duo…

PA:Empics Sport Tonight’s Chuckle Time will serve as a tribute to Barry Elliott whose death was announced today

Were the Chuckle Brothers actually brothers?

Yes they were.

Barry was the eldest and was born in 1944 while Paul was born in 1947 – making him 70.

They are from Rotherham, South Yorkshire, and their dad Gary was a Gang Show performer with a young Peter Sellers.

The brothers started performing together from a young age and in 1967 won the talent show Opportunity Knocks.

By the late Seventies and early Eighties they were honing their double act and appearing on children’s TV.

Channel 5 Chuckle Time will air tonight at 6.10pm

When was ChuckleVision on TV?

ChuckleVision began in 1987 and ran for 292 episodes.

It finished in 2009 and starred comedy duo Barry and Paul.

Each episode was between 20 and 15 minutes long.

Due to dropped ratings the BBC decided to end its run in 2009 but repeats were shown regularly until 2011.

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