Wedding shamers are baffled by bride’s bizarrely ‘tall’ engagement ring that will be a ‘nightmare with jumpers’


A BRIDE’S engagement ring has been mercilessly mocked for its height.

The woman, called Stacey, was teased for her “tall” rock after she showed it off online.

A bride has been mocked for the ‘tall’ height of her engagement ring

Posting pictures of her hand – bearing both her engagement and wedding rings – to the Facebook group ‘That’s it, I’m ring shaming’, she invited members to give their feedback.

Stacey wrote: “My engagement ring and wedding band.

“Classic but boring. What do you think?”

However, her fellow members couldn’t get over the height of the rock.

The woman called Stacey shared snaps of the rock – alongside her wedding band – to a Facebook group where she asked for feedback

One person wrote: “She’s tall.”

Another commented: “Does your ring hit his head on the doorway when he walks into a room because he IS TALL.”

A third shared: “Why so damn TALL.”

And another teased: “You’ll take someone’s eye out with that thing.”

Does your ring hit his head on the doorway when he walks into a room? Because he IS TALL.

Facebook user

Others pointed out that the elevation from the band risked it catching on clothing.

One person noted: “Good luck wearing sweaters with that.”

Another agreed: “So tall it must catch on everything.”

A third added: “I feel like I could literally flick the diamond out of the setting.”

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