We test smart gym gear that claims to reduce aches, pains and injury

HALF of us are exercising more during lockdown and people are increasingly aware of the mental benefits of it, a study by Dublin’s Trinity College Physiotherapy department reveals.

This week we try out smart gym gear that aims to reduce aches, pains and injury, while our beauty expert sets her sights on lash-growth serums.


with Jane Atkinson


The leggings are anti-chafe and flexible
  • KYMIRA IR50, leggings, £80 – buy here

KYMIRA IR50 leggings are designed to boost your recovery and keep you training hard.

They use infrared technology to increase oxygenation, promote circulation and aid pain relief.

Significantly minimised my post-HIIT training fatigue and aches.

The fabric is anti-chafe and flexible and the calves are compression fit.

Posture corrector

This posture protector is a simple concept but it works
  • Upright Go Posture Trainer, £69.99 – buy here

UPRIGHT Go Posture Trainer is a discreet posture corrector that attaches to your back and sends vibrations whenever you slouch.

Connected to the app, it provides a training programme, real-time feedback and stats.

The vibration annoyed me enough to correct my posture. Simple concept but it works.

Yoga mat

The Yogaline mat helped me ensure my positioning is correct
  • The Yogaline, yoga mat, £109, – buy here

THE YOGALINE mat is the first to give tailored alignment guides.

Just input your shoulder height, arm length and shoe size on the website for a mat made just for you.

As a novice yogi, it has helped me ensure my positioning is correct.


with Gabriella Stein


Mavale double makes lashes thicker but not necessarily longer
  • Mavala double lash, £11.30, 10ml – buy here

Contains a natural extract rich in vitamins and proteins that strengthen, covers and protects the lashes, which will then make them longer and stronger.

I found my lashes to be thicker but not necessarily longer. I also used it in my brows to make them bushier.


This eyelash enhancing serum makes your lashes really long after just eight weeks
  • RapidLash eyelash enhancing serum, £39.99, 3ml – buy here

An award-winning formula that helps boost the appearance of eyelashes in as little as eight weeks. After three weeks of daily use, my eyelashes were longer, thicker-looking and stronger.

The serum is extremely fast-acting if you want speedy results. After eight weeks of use I can’t believe how long my lashes are.


This lash-growth serum is worth every penny
  • Revitalash Advanced Lash, growth serum, £59, 1ml – buy here

Enriched with a biopeptin complex including biotin, green tea, peptides and lipids to lengthen and thicken lashes. Results are promised in 12 weeks, but I noticed a difference after six.

My lashes grew longer and thicker – and the curl I thought I’d lost came back. Worth every penny.

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