Watch shocking moment parents kick and punch each other in mass brawl at Under-7s baseball game as terrified kids look on


THIS is the shocking moment a huge brawl kicked off between parents at an Under-7s baseball game in America.

Chaos erupted when a number of spectators allegedly did not agree with a decision made by the 13-year-old umpire.

Parents and coaches invaded the pitch during the youth baseball game
Punches and kicks were thrown during the shocking brawl in America

Footage shows the moment a group of parents and coaches collided on the pitch in front of the petrified youngsters.

One man was left in a heap on the floor after being hit in the head with a barrage of brutal punches.

And a female fan then charged into the middle of the chaos before she attempted to punch a rival fan in the face.

In the video, one stunned supporter can be heard asking “What is happening?” while another shouts “Oh my gosh.”

Police urged the parents to “grow up” after they posted the shocking clip to their Facebook page.

The police department tweeted: “These adults took over the field and began assaulting each other on 15/6 during a youth baseball game.

“We’re looking for any info, in particular to ID the man in the white shirt/teal shiorts.

“Several people have already been cited in this fight and injuries were reported.”

Lakewood Police spokesman John Romero added: “It’s something that people are gawking at and there’s shock value, but it’s serious things that happened during a youth baseball game.”

It has been reported that the police have cited four people for fighting in public and disorderly conduct so far.

And they are hoping to identify the individual that “reportedly sucker-punched several people – some of who were not looking.”

One female fan attempted to punch a rival fan in the face
One fan was left in a heap on the floor after the shocking brawl


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