Vanessa George victim’s mum says son has ‘lifetime of torture’ in harrowing interview


The mother of one of Vanessa George’s victims has revealed she “completely destroyed” her son’s childhood.

Devastated ‘Kate’, whose identity was concealed, confessed she blamed herself after discovering her former friend was sexually abusing and photographing up to 30 kids under the age of three.

‘Kate’ has no idea to this day what happened to her son, now 13, but explained he still wets the bed and suffers from nightmares.

She confessed she is “disgusted” that Britain’s worst female paedophile has walked free from jail after 10 years while her son endures a “lifetime of torture”.

The heartbroken mother explained she will not tell her son, who has seen psychologists, about George through fear of giving him false memories.
The mother of one of Vanessa George’s victims opened up on This Morning
George was sexually abusing and photographing up to 30 kids under the age of three

On the effects to her son, she said: “I feel she has completely destroyed his childhood.

“He’s never had a sleepover at a friend’s house. He still has nightmares. He still wets the bed. He’s had counselling, seen psychologists.

“He doesn’t remember anything but they say in his subconscious it will be in there. It will manifest in different ways. It won’t be a physical memory.”
Phil and Holly spoke to ‘Kate’ in the studio but did not reveal her identity
Vanessa George has been released from prison after 10 years

The evil woman, who walked free this week from jail 10 years after, is also half a mile from a primary school.

Criminal barrister Yasin Patel explained the reasoning behind the parole board’s decision to release George.

“It’s madness,” replied Holly, who along with Phil couldn’t understand why she walked free from jail without releasing the names of all her victims.

In response, ‘Kate’ said: “I feel absolutely disgusted. If our criminal justice system is in a position it can fix paedophiles in 10 years – that’s crazy.

“Once a paedophile always a paedophile as far as I’m concerned.

“I don’t think she should be around children and how can you police that?”

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