Uk Weather Sees 31c Scorcher Today But Heatwave To End This Week With Thunderstorms And Heavy Rain As Temperatures Plummet 10 Degrees


THE heatwave that has gripped the nation for the last few weeks is set to come to a close this week.

Brits will see the last of the blistering temperatures this weekend, with highs of 31C today and 32C tomorrow – before temperatures fall back down around 10 degrees.

WENN From Tuesday it might be advisable to carry a brolly – as this chap in London found when he was hit with a sudden downpour yesterday

Heavy rain and thunderstorms will sweep in from Tuesday as the mercury returns closer to average summer temperatures.

But despite the fall in heat, it will still be sunny and warm in many spots next week – with the odd downpour and storm.

Many Brits who struggled to cope with the usually high temperatures that set in last month will be relieved to know it will be altogether more pleasant.

But sunseekers thrilled with the scorching heatwave will have to cross their fingers another burst of sizzling temperatures will come back in before the summer is over.

Alamy Live News The scorching temperatures of the last few weeks are set to lessen – but it should still be warm enough to enjoy a beach trip

WENN Rainy scenes like this one in London from last night could become more frequent this week as the weather gets a bit cooler and more unsettled Hot weather sees tar on road in Cumbria melt to form sludge of black treacle as temperatures soar in record breaking heatwave

A Met Office spokesman said: “Much of England and Wales is going to see a hot one to come today.

“In the south east today we could see 31C as a high temperature but there will be cloud and rain for parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland.

“Tomorrow temperatures could be even higher, there’s a chance of 31/32C.

“But there will be come and rain for much of Scotland and Northern Ireland again.

“On Monday there could be a few heavy showers but again we could see some high temperature still.

“Eventually it will be fresher weather that wins out, by the time we get on to Tuesday.

“Less hot, is the best way to describe next week, but it will still be warm.

“There will be some sunny spells but there will be a few showers around that could be heavy and thundery.”

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