UK weather forecast – Icy blast to grip Britain as Met Office warns temperatures will drop to -6C this weekend


BRITS will need to wrap up warm this weekend as nighttime temperatures as low as -6C are expected in some places – with a chance of snow showers in the Scottish highlands.

But despite plummeting temperatures, the days are expected to be filled with blue skies and crisp, frosty mornings after the adverse weather left by Storm Brendan.

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UK weather forecast – The UK can expect the weekend to look a bit like this[/caption]

This UK weather map shows icy conditions plaguing Britain, especially in northern areas

After a week of wet and windy weather with grey skies, the country will finally be treated with the more cheerful of winter weather.

Luke Miall, a Met Office forecaster told The Sun Online: “It’s looking quite quiet across the country in terms of weather for the next few days.

“Saturday for the majority of the country will be a mixture of sunshine and showers across Northern and Western Scotland and we may see a few showers in Northern Ireland and North West England.

“But generally speaking most of the UK will be having fair weather tomorrow.

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“Long spells of sunshine are expected after a cold and frosty start to the day.

“By the time we get to Saturday afternoon, most places will be mostly dry.

“But then as we move into the evening, it’s going to be pretty cold – minimum temperatures of -2C and -4C at its lowest.

“Wales and the South West of England will see the lowest temperatures.”

According to the Met office, Sunday is expected to be a mostly dry day but most households should expect to see a hard frost in the morning.

Luke said: “Saturday night will be a clear, cold night across the country, so we are looking at wide spread frost.

“In central Wales it could be as low as -6C.”


“For this time of year, a scattering of snow in the Scottish highlands isn’t unusual, we might see a few snow showers through the higher grounds on Saturday, but Sunday should be clear.

“Some places might see a slight dusting and some may see nothing at all. ”

As well as frosty mornings, a spot of fog is expected but otherwise Sunday is set to be a beautiful day.

A cold weather alert was issued by Public Health England (PHE) from 6pm on Sunday to 6pm on Tuesday and the organisation is urging people to prepare for cold weather conditions and look out for those most at risk.

Dr Owen Landeg, principal environmental public health scientist at PHE, said: “Below 18 degrees, changes to the body mean that the risk of strokes, heart attacks and chest infections increase so heating homes to this temperature is particularly important to stay well.”

Mr Wilson said that northern and western Scotland will see brief showers on Saturday morning before sunnier conditions on Monday morning with temperatures of around 11C.

The top temperatures in south-east England and the West and East Midlands will be around 8C on Monday, he said.

The cold snap comes after Storm Brendan swept across parts of the UK last weekend causing road closures and rail disruption, as well as gales of up to 80mph.

It also marks a change from last month when meteorologists confirmed that a new UK maximum temperature record for late December was set in the Highlands.

A temperature of 18.7C (65.66F) was recorded at Achfary in Sutherland on December 28.

The reading was validated following a “rigorous verification process”, the Met Office said.

Asked why temperatures have dropped, Mr Wilson said: “It’s all to do with the pressure pattern and it also depends on how high or low the pressure is.

“Right now there is cold air sitting directly on top of the UK and there is high pressure coming from the north and the east.”


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