Twin Brothers Aged 52 Who Spent Their Lives Together Were Found Hanged Yards From The Home They Had Shared With Their Mother


IDENTICAL twin brothers who spent their entire lives together were found hanged at a park near their childhood home.

Neil and Paul Micklewright, 52, often wore matching outfits when they were out and were “inseparable.”

Mercury Press Neil and Paul Micklewritght, 52, were found hanged in Davyhulme Park by a local dog walker

Their bodies were found by a dog walker about 500 yards from the house they shared with mum Joan before her death in 2015.

Their dad is believed to have died ten years ago and the twins spent their final years living in a flat.

Distraught family friend Lilian Burgess, 84, said of Paul and Neil: “They were so quiet. They were introverted and would hardly ever speak.

But they wouldn’t hurt anyone. They were gentle. They were inseparable — you would never see them apart.

“They sometimes wore matching outfits, like twins do. Their mum was very protective. You never know what’s going on in somebody’s head do you?”

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