Trust fund kid tells teen mum she’d have an abortion if she got pregnant & advises they cut back on Rich Kids Go Skint


A RICH kid who lives off a trust fund from her wealthy grandad saw how the other half live when she stayed with a young couple and their baby in their council home. 

University student Olivia, 19, met stay-at-home mum Mel, 18, who has one-year-old Toby, and admitted she would have had an “abortion” if she got pregnant now. 

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Wealthy uni student Olivia, right, met struggling young family Mel, Conor and baby Toby, left, on Rich Kids Go Skint[/caption]

On tonight’s Channel 5’s Rich Kids Go Skint, affluent Olivia said she thought it was “crazy” that Mel was a mother despite being younger than her. 

Only child Olivia lives in a million-pound London pad with her artist mum when she’s not at university, and wears £1,000 designer coats and bags. 

Mel asked privileged Olivia during the two-day social experiment: “How do you reckon your mum would react if you turned round to her and said you were pregnant at 19?”

Olivia replied: “She would be absolutely gobsmacked she would be like ‘no Olivia you cannot have a kid right now’. 

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Olivia asks stay-at-home mum Mel if being a mum is difficult for her[/caption]

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Mel asked Olivia how her mum would react if she got pregnant, and Olivia says she would have an abortion[/caption]

“If was in that situation, to be quite honest with you, I would probably have an abortion. 

“I don’t think I would be in the right mindset to have a kid. I would probably want to be settled down, married and have a really substantial income to raise the kid.”

Mel, who has just £37 a month to spend after paying her bills, asked the London-based Rich Kid: “So do not reckon the income you are on now is good enough to raise a kid. The money you get from your mum?”

Olivia replied: “I’m not just going to rely on that” and said she wanted to have her own income first. 

Mel agreed and said: “I wouldn’t advise someone my age to go out and get pregnant.”

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Mel is 18 and gave up temporarily on her uni dreams after falling pregnant with baby Toby[/caption]

Despite there being just months between their ages, the two women quickly discovered lives were worlds apart.

Before Olivia went to Mel’s home in Great Yarmouth, she said she didn’t think it would be a struggle for her to live a more frugal life. 

The rich teen said: “I don’t think I’d find it particularly difficult. I feel like completely stripping it back would be almost like a detox.”

She was in for a shock when it emerged she spends around £50 to £150 for a lunch, whereas Mel’s £37 has to cover her entire monthly food. 

Mel said: “I think the most I’ve ever spent on myself is £25, not £150. We can’t just go out for meals or get new clothes. That would do my family for a good month or two.”

Olivia said: “When I go shopping whatever tickles my fancy I just chuck in the basket. 

“She [Mel] actively has to be conscious about what she is spending. It’s different to what I’m used to.”

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Mel and Conor showed Olivia around their council home[/caption]

When she found out that Mel and Deliveroo-cyclist partner Conor have £480 a month in total, which has to go on all living costs, Olivia asked: “Have you ever thought of cutting back on certain things in order for you to have more money at the end of the month?”

Cash-strapped Mel said: “The only things I would technically be able to cut back on would be the Apple Music which is a tenner a month but without music it would be boring.”

Mel told Olivia that her childhood dream was to go to university and study astrophysics, but she has been unable to do so with looking after Toby. 

Olivia asked: “Being a mum at 18 is that something that is really difficult for you?”

Mel said: “It’s not really difficult because of my age. 

“I think being a mum in general is quite difficult.”

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Olivia learned that Mel and Conor put all their money on son Toby[/caption]

Olivia asked Mel if she thought she had made the right decision in having Toby, and the new mum said: “I think I made the right decision but I definitely feel like had I not made this decision I would have had a lot more opportunity in life. 

“But I don’t feel like it stopped my dream. I’ve had it since I was a child, it will always be there but whether I can execute it will be something else.”

Later on Olivia said: “In my personal opinion, even though she does have the kid I think there are ways round it. 

“Maybe she hasn’t found that avenue at the moment.”

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Olivia was surprised that Toby got around £100 worth of presents for his first birthday, despite their small budget[/caption]

Mel took Olivia shopping to see how they could throw a mini party for Toby on a budget. 

When tasked with shopping with a price limit, Olivia rose to the challenge, but was surprised once again when she saw the presents that Conor was preparing back home. 

Olivia asked: “How much did all these for Toby presents cost?”

Conor replied: “Just under £100” and Olivia said: “That’s quite a lot to be spending on his first birthday no? 

“Do you reckon you feel the need to spend that much on Toby just on pressies?”

Conor said: “Because it’s his first birthday we just thought we would make it more special.”

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Olivia and Mel ended up bonding despite their different lives[/caption]

At the end of the experience Olivia generously gifted the family a wardrobe for their home and said: “I’ve gained such an insight into her [Mel’s] life seeing how she lives with her incredible little boy Toby and Conor. 

“I cannot tell you enough how incredible I think she is coping with her situation. 

“The fact she is a young mum, younger than me. The fact she is dealing with it shows me what you can do.”

Mel said: “Considering me and Olivia are worlds apart, different background, you can’t judge a book by a cover. 

“Just because she has more money doesn’t mean she’s a snob or likes to brag and rub it in people’s faces. She’s the opposite.”

Rich Kids Go Skint airs tonight on 5STAR

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