Trump Claims Internal Poll Numbers His Best Ever


President Donald Trump boasted in a tweet on Monday that his internal poll numbers are the strongest ever, even though external surveys show his disapproval ratings are rising.

“Despite all of the Fake News, my Poll Numbers are great,” the president wrote. “New internal polls show them to be the strongest we’ve had so far! Think what they’d be if I got fair media coverage!”

Trump did not provide any details about his internal polling data, The Hill pointed out.

The president also claimed that there was “Great cohesion inside the Republican Party, the best I have ever seen.”

On Sunday, Trump harshly criticized Fox News for its poll released last week that showed his disapproval rating at 56 percent, telling reporters that he did not believe the accuracy of the survey.

A separate Fox News poll released last week also had bad news for Trump, showing that he was losing hypothetical head-to-head contests against all four top Democratic presidential candidates.

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