Trump Campaign's McEnany: Trump Right, Debate Was 'Boring'


President Donald Trump was “exactly right” when he tweeted that the first 2020 Democratic debate was “boring,” his campaign spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany said Thursday.

“The most thrilling part was when the microphones went out, everyone was confused,” McEnany told Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom.”

“That should tell you a lot about the debates.”

She also dismissed a great deal of what was said as “outright lies” when it comes to the economy, including with Sen. Elizabeth Warren saying lower-income Americans are not benefiting from growth.

“The wonderful thing is, you cannot hide the growth of the economy, the success of the economy that people feel in their everyday lives,” she added.

There weren’t many mentions of Trump on Wednesday, but McEnany said that will likely change in the second debate Thursday night with former Vice President Joe Biden, as he “mentioned him 76 times” in a recent speech. 

Meanwhile, Sen. Bernie Sanders, in a Wall Street Journal opinion piece, tagged Trump as a “socialist,” which McEnany tagged as a “really bizarre take.”

“You can’t hide the reality from the American people,” said McEnany. “We had a CNN poll saying that 71 percent of Americans say the economy is in good shape. They look at Bernie and say it doesn’t make sense. I understand maybe he doesn’t want the title on himself, but it has no bearing in the truth that low- and middle-income Americans are not feeling the Trump economy.”

McEnany said the campaign is often asked which one of the candidates would pose the biggest threat to Trump’s reelection.

“This is a homogenous group of socialists,” she said. “One group with many hats. There may be a bit of variety but it is the same organism of radical government.”

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