Tory activist told ‘go back to a white f***ing country’ as he campaigns in East London


THIS is the shocking moment a Tory activist was told “go back to a white f***ing country” as he campaigned in one of Labour’s London strongholds.

Has Ahmed, 23, was canvassing for the Conservatives in Redbridge, East London, ahead of next month’s snap election.

The unknown aggressor ordered the candidate to ‘go to a white f***ing country’

The unknown aggressor followed Mr Ahmed across the road before spitting a slew of insults.

He blasted his target as “sick in the head” before telling him to go “to a white f***ing country”.

Mr Ahmed told MailOnline: “There were other people about, but nobody interfered. It was really quite scary.

“I was walking towards the station through town when the man saw my rosette and asked if I was a Conservative.

Has Ahmed, 23, was canvassing for the Conservatives in Redbridge, East London

“When I said yes, he said “aren’t you ashamed?”, and I just asked “why would you say that?”.

“I was really nervous, I was so scared until the moment I got home and locked my doors. I was shaken, I switched my phone off and just sat there.”

Pakistan-born Mr Ahmed said the man berated him for four minutes and called him a “coconut” – a racial slur accusing someone of betraying their ethnicity.

He later joked on Twitter: “Politics and differences aside, this man was extremely hostile and aggressive while campaigning today. Can we put him down as a “maybe” for the Conservatives?”


The clip shows the man snarling: “You are a f***ing fascist!

“You’re stupid! You are f***ing sick in the head if you are voting for Conservative! You are a bloody idiot.”

The clip has sparked a police appeal for information – but no suspect has been identified.

Mr Ahmed won praise from senior Tories for his unruffled response.

Minister Johnny Mercer, a former army officer, said: “I’ll come campaigning with you next time. Top man. Good work.”

In January it emerged that crimes reported by MPs doubled last year to reach 342 and numbers are now rising even faster.

Women and ethnic minorities are particular targets for harassment and trolling, while a group of just 10 MPs bore the brunt of almost one in three offences.

In addition more than 600 incidents – less serious than crimes – have been reported this year through Operation Bridger, a nationwide security scheme set up in the wake of the murder of Labour MP Jo Cox.


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