Tommy Fury calls out KSI for huge celebrity fight next year after YouTuber’s win over Logan Paul


TOMMY FURY has named KSI as a potential opponent in 2020 in what would be a huge celebrity clash in the ring.

The YouTuber claimed victory over Logan Paul in the United States on the weekend in a contest watched by millions worldwide.

KSI (left) beat American celeb Paul on a split decision
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Fury will return to the ring next month

With it KSI’s intention to fight on in boxing, light heavyweight Fury – most known for his stint on Love Island – remarked that he is game for a fight.

The 20-year-old told BT Sport of his new ambition: “This time next year? Hopefully on the horizon of a big fight with KSI.

“We’ll see where he’s at because I watched the fight and I didn’t know he was going to continue fighting.

“But he says to himself he wants to keep fighting, so listen I’m a fighting man.

“We’re young, we’re both on that influencing side, he’s from the YouTubering, I’m from Love Island.

“We’ve both got a great following in the UK – why not make it the Battle of Britain?”

Fury is facing an as-yet unnamed opponent in London next month for his third professional contest.

That means KSI, real name Olajide William Olatunji, will have to wait until next year to book a date with the Mancunian, who added: “I’m not looking past December 21.

“If he wants it, he knows where I am.”

Many have questioned Fury‘s appetite for boxing given his reality TV fame.

But the cousin of heavyweight title contender Tyson made clear that he still possesses the maximum ambition.

Fury claimed: “You can’t take your eyes off the goal and the goal is undisputed world champion.

“I’ve said it many times, again people might call be daft, stupid, young. But at the end of the day, everybody’s got a dream.”

But some fans were unimpressed by him considering a KSI fight.

Twitter user Kurt wrote: “Obviously doesn’t think much of himself as a boxer.”

CP simply added: “Jesus Christ.”

While Stephen commented: “Its hilarious how many ‘pro boxers’ complained about this and now want to fight JJ. They see the money signs and suddenly its not so bad for their sport.”


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