Tim Brent, Ex-professional Hockey Player Gets Death Threats After Posing With The Body Of A Grizzly Bear He Shot In Canada


A FORMER Canadian professional hockey player has been sent death threats after boasting about hunting and killing a Grizzly bear.

Tim Brent, 34, posted an image of himself with the dead bear on Twitter after a hunt in Yukon, Canada on September 10.

Facebook This image with Tim Brent has sparked massive controversy on Twitter

He wrote he had killed the creature after an ‘awesome stalk’.

“He spotted us at about 75 yards. Instead of taking off he turned and came right at us. It was very easy to tell this boar owned the valley we were hunting in and wasn’t scared of anything.”

Many Twitter users voiced their disgust at the photo, with some posting death threats, and one even saying he would have a Mexican cartel commission a hit.

The former athlete responded to the criticism by saying: “This is what we are up against as hunters and conservationists.”

Facebook Tim Brent is an avid hunter and fisherman

He voiced shock at the Twitter admins for not considering the abuse to be a violation of the platform’s rules.

Comedian Ricky Gervais, who is an avid animal rights supporter, mocked his post by saying: “I bet killing this beautiful bear put “an awesome stalk” on Tim too.”

“A single Grizzly eats around 40 Moose and Caribou calves during each calving season.”

Sherlock star Amanda Abbington made her feelings known in a blunt manner: “You are a c***. A stupid, inbred, unfeeling piece of s*** c***.”

Facebook On September 14 Brent posted one of the death threats he had received which administrators did not think breached user rules

Getty – Contributor Tim Brent previously played for the national team

Biologist Daniel Schneider told his 84,000 follows: “He gives an impassioned description of his killing of this #Grizzly. Makes it seem like a fair fight. Him with his high powered rifle and all. RT to call out this clown.”

One supporter of Brent said: “This is not a young bear. One of the reasons the older ones are hunted because they kill and eat cubs.

“Another is the population has to be controlled for the balance of the food supply for all the animals.”

There are between six and 7,000 Grizzly bears in the Yukon area and although they are classed as “vulnerable” there is no suggestion Mr Brent did anything illegal in hunting the bear.

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