Tiff Hall’s epic $1 workout hack


If there is anything that celebrity trainer Tiffiny Hall has taught us, it’s that we can literally use anything around us to workout.

Earlier this year the former Biggest Loser coach successfully proved what you can do with children’s play equipment by using it as an alternative to the gym.

And now the mum-of-one has done it again — this time transforming the most mundane of household items into pieces of fitness equipment.

Tiffiny Hall using her carry-on suitcase as a clever alternative to weights, when she doesn’t have access to a gym. Picture: Tiffiny Hall
media_cameraTiffiny Hall using her carry-on suitcase as a clever alternative to weights, when she doesn’t have access to a gym. Picture: Tiffiny Hall

Using everyday items like a $1 can of baked beans or your carry-on suitcase, Tiff told news.com.au there’s no end to the fitness opportunities around you, they’re even in your pantry.

“I am a big believer in the best piece of gym equipment is your body and second to that — which is something I always tell my members — is if you want a bit more added resistance, you can use always 1L cartons of milk, soup or baked bean cans as weights or even to box with,” she said.

“I also fill empty water bottles with sand which are another great alternative to boxing.”

Tiff is a lover of resistance bands which she uses frequently in her new fitness program Hyper, but she is also aware not everyone has the pricey, mini bands which is why she’s incorporated pantry items into the mix.

She suggests using anything from a $1 can of baked beans for bicep curls and boxing, $3 cartons of 1L milk for overhead presses and even cheap, old pairs of stockings as resistance bands.

The mother-of-one said since having Arnold her gym routine has completely changed, and now relys on home workouts to keep in shape. Picture: Tiffiny Hall
media_cameraThe mother-of-one said since having Arnold her gym routine has completely changed, and now relys on home workouts to keep in shape. Picture: Tiffiny Hall

Tiff had gained 30kg during her pregnancy with son Arnold and said she had felt an overwhelming amount of pressure to “bounce back” within weeks of his arrival.

Like a lot of mums, Tiff struggled to find the time to go to the gym — a place where she had spent nearly everyday prior to having her first bub.

But now, not only has the 34-year-old accepted and welcomed the new changes to her body (stretch marks, lose skin, wider hips) she’s also completely revamped her fitness routine — incorporating clever ways to keep fit and active.

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It’s hard to believe Arnie is already 18 months and counting! I put on 30kg while pregnant and to be honest, I didn’t want to bounce back after having a baby. It took me over 17 months to regain my fitness and strength. There was plenty of pressure to lose weight – it’s everywhere! – but I chose to prioritise self care, the sanctity of the newborn bubble, breastfeeding, recovery and one of the most important relationships in my life: my love of movement. I knew if I punished and flogged myself too soon, I would damage my relationship with exercise. So I chose self love and acceptance. All these months later, while I always knew my training methods were effective, I can now proudly rep them myself! 💪 My new TIFFXO workout method HYPER helped me regain my strength and confidence. My core, pelvic floor, glutes and kicks are stronger than before I had my baby. I trained smart and I found myself again through martial arts. It not only helped me physically, but built mental and emotional resilience for the fight many women face after having a baby: sleep deprivation, postpartum injuries, feeding, going back to work… As any new mum has to, I took it day by day. I focused on the fit, not the fat loss, and in doing so, I never bounced back – I bounced FORWARD. I am stronger now, because of you baby 👶🏼 Join me on TIFFXO and I’ll be there with you every step of the way – hit the link in my bio to bounce forward with me.

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“You can easily get a pair of stockings and tie them up to form a resistance band,” she said.

And it doesn’t end there — “If you go to your backyard and find bricks and large rocks laying around you can use them as dumbbells, kettle bells and even medicine balls.”

Whenever she is travelling she tends to use her carry-on suitcase as another clever alternative to weights.

“I’ll either hold it above my head or use it for mountain climbers,” Tiff said.

”You can always find things around the house to use if you don’t get time to go to the gym and you don’t need to spend a fortune on fitness equipment — my home gym is my pantry.”


Tiff said after having Arnold she had put a lot of pressure on herself to get to the gym and “bounce back” but has since learned to be kinder and more gentle to herself — it is part of the reason she created a new fitness program called Hyper, which focuses on helping women lose weight safely after having a baby.

“My new workouts are about taking your time and building your tiny muscles so that (your body’s) strong and has a foundation,” she told news.com.au.

“I am definitely doing a lot more home workouts. I used have a very strict training regimen but now it is about what I can do and when I can do it.

“Arnold comes first and if it (training) doesn’t happen, I’m not beating myself up about it and instead I focus more on how much movement I can get in a week rather than everyday training.”

Tiff said she was super happy if she could get in three hours of training in a week.

“It’s just about finding ways to incorporate your fitness routine into your child’s daily routine.

“Something small I do is when I am heating up Arnold’s milk in the microwave is hold a plank in the one minute it takes to heat up.

“I try to incorporate movement and little challengers where I can. So next time I’ll plank and then try lift my leg or one arm.”

Tiff hasn’t completely ditched the gym, she will try go for one hour a week and it is usually for strength and conditioning while other days it’s getting in one of her Tiff XO workouts.

Or, as she has learned to love, making do with whatever household item is laying around.

“Because I am shooting so many workout videos a week for my app, it is important I take time to do strength and conditioning to prevent injuries,” she said.

She admitted that at first it was tough to let go of her old fitness routine, but now feels stronger than she ever did before having Arnold.

“I always say to my members, you don’t bounce back, you bounce forward. Who said bouncing back to what you were is the best way? For me I became stronger in ways I never was prior to falling pregnant.

“Yes I have wider hips, stretch marks and lose skin, all the things you get post birth but now I have a stronger pelvic floor and core.

“You just have to change your mindset — your body will change after having kids, but you just have to accept and appreciate what your body has done.”

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