Thug Beat Mum-of-two So Badly He Must Tell Police Every Time He Gets A New Girlfriend


A GASLIGHTING thug must tell police within two weeks of getting a new girlfriend – so they can warn her of his violent and controlling past.

A judge made the order as he jailed Jonathan Binks for a total of 40 weeks for battering and psychologically torturing three exes.

SWNS:South West News Service Chloe Buck suffered four years of torment at the hands of thug Jonathan Binks

One victim, mum-of-two Chloe Buck, 22, said today she can finally “breathe again” after four years of torment.

Binks, now 29, once headbutted pregnant Chloe outside a Coop for “walking too slowly” while pushing a pram.

Another time he drenched her in paint as punishment for a “shoddy” job decorating the nursery.

After they finally split he stalked her and ambushed her on a date, following her to a bar and punching her male friend in the back of the head.

SWNS:South West News Service Binks was ordered to inform police when he starts a new relationship so they can warn the woman of his violent past

SWNS:South West News Service Chloe Buck, 22, revealed how manipulative thug Binks ‘gaslighted’ her and beat her up after getting her pregnant aged 18

Brave Chloe spoke out to reveal how “controlling and possessive” Binks, then 25, contacted her on Facebook when she was just 18 and got into her head by “gaslighting” her.

The term is used for abusive men who manipulate women by making them doubt their sanity.

Chloe, of Goole, East Yorks, said: “He was set on getting me pregnant and wanting a family from the outset. I got pregnant within a month.

“When I was pregnant, the controlling became more intense. His excuse would be ‘you are carrying my baby’.

“When my first little boy was six weeks old, he attacked me and kicked the Moses basket over when the baby was in it.

“When I was pregnant the second time, he kept saying it wasn’t his and he threatened to push me down the stairs if I didn’t have it aborted.

SWNS:South West News Service Chloe says she can finally breathe again after Binks was locked up for 40 weeks

SWNS:South West News Service Binks left Chloe covered in bruises in four years of physical and emotional torture

SWNS:South West News Service He also headbutted her for walking too slowly while pregnant

“He poured a tub of white paint over me when I hadn’t painted the nursery to his standards.

“He said awful things about the way I looked, about my body, convinced me that no one else would want me.

“When I said I wanted to leave he would get violent – so I felt it was safer for everyone if I stayed.”

She added: “He painted me out to be the abuser and a psycho. He is a very good convincer.

“Many times I thought, is this going to be my life? I’m never going to escape this and one day he is going to kill me.

“Now he’s inside, I’m hoping I can try to move on. I feel like I can breathe again.”


He was slapped with a restraining order and banned from contacting Chloe last October, but continued to haunt her.

Two other women, one still a teenager, also complained of assaults and harassment by Binks.

He was convicted of a string of domestic abuse charges against three of his ex-partners.

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