The Queen always wears gloves to greet guests because they’re a ‘useful barrier against germs’


THEY’RE a key part of her signature style – but there’s actually a very practical reason The Queen often sports a pair of gloves when she’s performing royal duties.

Other than making the monarch look incredibly sophisticated, The Queen always wears gloves to greet guests because “they’re a useful barrier against germs”.

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The Queen wears gloves to act as a barrier against germs, her glove-maker has revealed[/caption]

According to the creative director of The Queen’s official glove-maker, this wardrobe staple protects Her Majesty from the dirt and germs that comes with shaking people’s hands everyday.

Cornelia James received a Royal Warrant in 1979 to become the official glove manufacturer to the Queen – since she passed away in 1999, her daughter Genevieve has taken over the family business.

Explaining why The Queen prefers gloves, Genevieve told Good Housekeeping: “Number one: style. Number two: practical.

“They’re necessary because if you’re The Queen, you’re shaking a lot of hands – so they protect her hands as well.”

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Gloves have become a signature part of The Queen’s style[/caption]


The Queen pictured shaking hands with Madonna in 2002[/caption]

High-end manufacturer Cornelia James has been supplying the Queen’s gloves for more than 70 years.

The Queen’s gloves are almost always pure cotton with an elegant suede-brushed finish.

Her Majesty owns several pairs in shades of white, black or a ivory hue known as “parchment” and Cornelia James has made over 60 pairs for The Queen since 1999.

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