Take Me Out returns – a look at the new series and past romantic successes


Take Me Out is set to return to telly screens this Saturday with an epic 11th series.

Paddy McGuiness will take to the stage once more to play Cupid for unlucky-in-love single guys and the Flirty Thirty at their podiums.

The girls include Tammy, a tattooed bodyguard who’s watched over a star-studded list of clients like Samuel L Jackson, and part-time princess Georgia, who dresses up as kids’ favourite characters at an adventure park.

Hopeful Cally head to a dog shelter to tell the pooches about her boy troubles – and apparently, they’re great listeners.

Chelsey’s a belly dancer, and  nursery teacher Danni says she would eat mayonnaise straight out of the bottle.

As the love lift descends, the girls will be switching off or leaving their lights on – but in the final round, the power will fall into the boys’ hands as they get to decide which of the remaining beauties they want to jet off with to the Isle of Fernando’s.

The romance won’t come easy though, as series 11 will see their sun-drenched wooing centred around a single activity – chosen by the boys.

Paddy’s making his return

He reckons the new series is a special one


This could be the make or break for the lads, as they get a chance to show off their charming chops in a truly romantic setting.

The new series will also feature a big shake-up, with the introduction of new  themed episodes.

The first will see the boys and girls rock their biggest hairstyles and most colourful leather as Paddy takes the audience on a nostalgia joyride.

The second of the specials focuses on the men and women of the emergency services, giving firefighters, paramedics and police officers the chance to date that their busy lives don’t often allow.

Host Paddy is even more excited about the show than usual, gushing: “It’s always great to be back for a new series, but this one in particular is going to be really special.

Paddy returns as host

Tammy is a bodyguard for A-listers


“We’ve got it all; a brilliant line-up of girls, some fantastic boys braving the love-lift and a few cheeky trips to Fernando’s. I also get to meet some of the phenomenal men and women who work for the emergency services as well as taking a trip back to the 80s. Bring it on!”

Paddy added that it’s important to get a good mix of people for the show: “My only note is we have to have an eclectic mix of people. It’s pointless having four male models and thirty female models behind the podiums, because life’s not like that.

“Everyday life is about different people from different walks of life, all different shapes and sizes and different interests.”

Chelsey’s a belly dancer

Cally loves dogs – and tells them her boy problems

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Giving a sneak preview of what’s to come, Paddy laughed: “I’ve done a bit of cage fighting this year. I’ve done all sorts in the past; I’ve made sausages on stage, I’ve sheared sheep, I’ve danced, I’ve played instruments and I’ve been knocked through a wall by a wrecking ball. I just get stuck in.”

Take Me Out’s seen some of the most tragic attempts at romance, but it’s not all bad news, as the pas t 10 series now boast  eight weddings and six babies – with one born as recently as this past March.

The couples include Robyn and Stuart Smith – who met on the show in 2013 and got hitched four years later.

Guests for the big day included Gemma Gordon and Gavin Ellis, who met on the same episode.

Adele and Dave were the first Take Me Out couple to tie the knot – but the road to love wasn’t as smooth as it is for some.

They initially coupled with others on the show, but eventually got together and now share son Freddie.

Take Me Out series 11 will air at 7:15pm on Saturday 26th October on ITV.


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