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Australian students’ maths skills decline: PISA report

The maths skills of Australian students have slid back at least a year compared to their international counterparts, a new report says.The Programme...

Ancient tattoos depicting ‘magical’ animals and gods found on female Egyptian mummies

TATTOOS depicting animals, gods and floral patterns have been found “hidden” on 3,000-year-old Egyptian mummies. The ancient body art, revealed by high-tech photography and...

New scams catching out innocent Australians

Fake tax debts are the latest scams fraudsters are using to dupe innocent Australians into handing over their hard-earned money.

My baby was stillborn – I knew something was wrong but didn’t act after...

A HEARTBROKEN mum has urged other expectant parents to “always trust their instincts” – after her little baby boy was stillborn at 31...

Dubai Camel Hospital: An inside look at $10m facility

(CNN) — Zabeel lies unconscious on the operating table as surgeons perform an operation to remove an abscess on the 1-year-old's neck. Nothing...