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‘Dead’ heart ‘brought back to life’ by doctors in pioneering transplant surgery

DOCS have brought a “dead” heart back to life and successfully translated the organ for the first time in the US. Surgeons at Duke...

US proposes wave of tariffs after French digital services tax

Roughly $2.4 billion in French products could be subject to new taxes of up to 100%, the office of the United States Trade...

Books for Christmas: KrisKringle

Give mum a break this Christmas. Make her a cuppa, sit her down and give her a new book to read. The Sunday...

My fake boobs saved me from cancer seven years after they were implanted

LITHA Georgiades says her life was saved by her fake boobs after they pushed a cancerous lump to the surface, seven years after...

Aussie stars stun at British Fashion Awards

It’s one of the fashion world’s most glamorous red carpets.