Stunning pics of a skiing astronaut, rock climbers and surfers feature in Red Bull’s best adventure sport pics


THESE stunning pictures feature a skiing astronaut, rock climbers and surfers, revealing breathtaking adventure and action sports imagery contest.

Red Bull Illume has released these photographs in the fifth edition of this year’s Image Quest competition, which will see 55 finalists, 11 category finalists, and one overall winner.

Breathtaking picture taken by Fabien Maierhofer, shows an astronaut skiing down a rocky mountain
In this colourful shot by Greg Mionske, a rock climber clings on while his facial expressions tell a thousand words

Fred Pompermayer / Red Bull Illume

Fred Pompermayer shot this active picture, which shows a surfer enter a huge wave[/caption]

Lorenz Holder/Red Bull Illume

Although the image has been enhanced and edited, Lorenz Holder’s pic takes viewers to outer space[/caption]

In this retro black and white image, Fred Mortagne captured a skateboarder from an unusual angle

Dave Trumpore / Red Bull Illume

Photographer Dave Trumpore took this stunning nature shot in Whistler, Canada[/caption]

Simon Bischoff / Red Bull Illume

A rock climber clings on for her life in this gripping shot taken by Simon Bischoff[/caption]

Daniel Roos / Red Bull Illume

Daniel Roos captured a BMX biker rapidly riding downhill in this sporty snap[/caption]

This nature picture was taken by Chris Burkard

Vegard Aasen / Red Bull Illume

Vegard Aasen captured a mobile athlete taking flight in Sogndal, Norway[/caption]

© Oskar Enander

Johan Jonsson photographed a snow trekker tackle the harsh conditions[/caption]

Nathaniel Harrington/Red Bull Illume

A short-boarder takes the leap of faith while photographer Nathaniel Harrington captured the plunge[/caption]

Red Bull Illume

Nordic mountain walkers Paul Guschlbauer and Aaron Durogati are pictured in this stunning snap[/caption]

Lorenz Holder / Red Bull Illume

Lorenz Holder pictured a skateboarder ride on nature’s hidden treasures in this colourful image[/caption]

A cyclist can be seen in this cat’s retina reflection in a mesmerising snap by Jaanus Ree

Andrew white/Red Bull Illume

Andrew White pictured the twists and turns of a BMX biker’s tricks[/caption]

A surfer rides on crystal clear waters as Daniel Deak managed to illustrate it in a picture
Claudio Casanova travelled to snowy depths to take this image

Joe Gall/Red Bull Illume

Photographer Joe Gall captured a skateboarder perform tricks in front of a crowd[/caption]

Olaf Pignataro / Red Bull Illume

BMX bikers ride on colourful grounds in this stunning aerial shot by Olaf Pignataro[/caption]

The wonders of nature can really be felt in this beautiful shot by Philip Platzer
Crystal clear waters are seen again by yet another snap taken by Lorenz Holder
A snowboarder is caught mid-air by photographer Dasha Nosova
Sterling Lorence captured the illuminating wonders of the earth in this stunning picture

Baptiste Fauchille / Unicorn we are legends

BMX bikers are captured in this black and white snap taken by Baptiste Fauchille[/caption]

Rasmus Kaessmann/Red Bull Illume

Rasmus Kaessmann managed to capture a cool snow trickster upside down[/caption]

Corey Wilson / Red Bull Illume

Photgrapher Corey Wilson captured this breathtaking surfer rise up to the skies as a wave overpowers him[/caption]

Markus Berger / Red Bull Illume

Although enhanced and edited, Markus Berger’s image represents the wild side of BMX bikers[/caption]

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