Store’s ‘vile’ gift sparks fury online


A popular UK chain store has come under fire after it released a ”vile” range of mugs targeted at young girls and boys that people have slammed as “sexist”.

Clintons, a chain store specialising in greeting cards, gifts and wrapping paper, is stocking its shelves with gendered mugs, emblazoned with archaic stereotypes for daughters and sons.

The daughter mug features the words “princess” and “babe”, while the son mug is printed with the words “friend” and “hero”.

The gendered mugs have received major backlash from customers. Picture: Twitter/lost_forevers
media_cameraThe gendered mugs have received major backlash from customers. Picture: Twitter/lost_forevers

Scottish woman, Paula Espener, had been perusing the aisles of her local Clintons store in Glasgow when she spotted the mugs and took a photo of them.

“What a delightful message to spread to our children,” Paula tweeted above a photo of the offending cups.

“Please do better Clintons.”

She tagged the post with #everydaysexism, referring readers to a popular Twitter account that exposes experiences of sexism in daily life.

The post generated hundreds of retweets and comments from furious people, totally unimpressed with the store’s tactless and old-fashioned approach to gift giving.

“Clintons, are you saying that I can only be a princess and not a hero?” one outraged woman asked.

“Because that isn’t in my job description.”

The woman informed the store she was a firefighter, a job that requires heroism and bravery on a daily basis.

People said the mugs were “narrow, stereotyped nonsense” and asked Clintons to remove them from shelves.

Words like “infuriating”, “creepy” and “sickening” were used to describe the mugs.

But not everyone was outraged, with one person arguing boys and girls are “not the same”.

“Let’s not confuse boys and girls by telling them they are the same,” the person wrote.

“Equal yes, but not the same.

“Let boys be boys and girls be girls.”

Many bit back at this suggestion, with one saying “no two humans are the same … so your point is a little lost on me.” has contacted Clintons for comment.

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