Spotify Wrapped 2019 DOWN as hundreds of users report personalised playlists not working


A SPOTIFY feature that produces personalised lists of people’s top songs and artists is down for hundreds of users.

Music fans are reporting on social media that they can’t access 2019 Wrapped, which uses data linked to your account to sum up your year in music.


Spotify Wrapped launched this morning[/caption]

Spotify launches Wrapped in early December each year and the 2019 edition came out this morning.

Users tap on a link in the app or go to the Wrapped website to find out who they listened to most this year.

As well as lists of top tunes, Spotify also provides a personalised playlist of your most listened to songs of 2019.

Problems with the service began almost as soon as it launched early on Thursday morning.

Some users are shown an error message when they try to access Spotify Wrapped 2019

Hundreds of furious users have taken to Twitter to report issues with both the app and website version of Wrapped.

“Anyone else’s #SpotifyWrapped not working? I’m using the website, not the app,” asked one user.

“My Spotify wrapped isn’t working,,, they must know I’m not in the right headspace to receive information that could possibly hurt me,” joked another.

“Is anyone else’s @Spotify wrapped not working after reaching the top artists section?” one user wrote.

It’s not entirely clear what part of Spotify Wrapped is experiencing issues.

Some users have reported not being able to access it altogether, with attempts to click on it handing them an error message.

Others say they can get to a certain point in the slideshow summary of your year created by Spotify, but that it won’t let them progress beyond a certain point.

The Sun has contacted Spotify for comment.

Users took to Twitter to vent their frustrations

What is Spotify Wrapped and how do I get it?

The slideshow and playlist shows you your listening habits from 2019.

You first need to head to After logging in, Spotify will tell you your favourite artists during each season.

You can then see your number one artist for the year as well as your top songs and artists, favourites genres and the podcasts you listened to most.

Finally, Spotify will present you with a playlist of your 100 most listened to songs for the year.

We tried out Spotify Wrapped 2019 at The Sun’s HQ in London and it seemed to be working okay

There is also the chance to share your year in music with the wider world – depending on how embarrassed you are with it, of course.

We don’t blame you if you’ve been banging Baby Shark on repeat all year.

Spotify also has a special page for artists where they can learn which of their songs were most popular by month, total hours of music streamed by fans and more.

As well as Spotify Wrapped, the company should also releases figures on the most popular artists of the year worldwide.

In other news, Spotify recently tested a new £12 a month subscription for couples that included joint playlist based on both of your favourite tunes.

If your Spotify history includes these fake bands then you may have been hacked.

Earlier this year, Spotify warned of a huge price rise that could add £35 onto your yearly bill.

Is your Spotify Wrapped playlist down? Let us know in the comments!

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