SNP manifesto: What are their policies and pledges ahead of 2019 general election?


SCOTLAND’S First Minister Nicola Sturgeon says the SNP wants to “lock the Tories out of government”.

Apart from pledging to protect Scottish whisky, what’s being promised in the SNP’s manifesto? We take a look.

Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland, has launched the SNP’s official election manifesto for 2019
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What are the SNP’s policies and pledges ahead of the 2019 general election?

The Scottish National Party’s general election manifesto was published today, November 27, after being launched in Glasgow.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon asked: “Who should decide Scotland’s future – the people who live here or Boris Johnson?

“A chaotic, Brexit-obsessed Westminster could decide our future for us.”

She said that her party doesn’t just want to “transform our country for the better”, it hopes to be at the “heart of a progressive alliance to lock the Tories out of government”.

Here’s what the 50-page manifesto promises voters:

Fracking Opposed

  • The SNP has a policy of not supporting “unconventional oil and gas – such as fracking – in Scotland”.

Protecting Scottish Whisky

  • The party will oppose any trade talks with the US until the country drops its new tariffs on Scotch whisky.

Scrap Trident

  • SNP MPs believe the billions spent on Trident should be invested in public services.
Nicola Sturgeon at Jellytots & Cookies Play Cafe on November 26
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Climate Emergency

  • The party will demand the UK meets its Paris Climate Agreement responsibilities and sticks to future EU emission standards.

Devolution of Employment Law

  • The plan is to protect workers’ rights and increase the living wage “pending Scottish independence”.

Tailored Migration System

  • SNP wants immigration powers devolved, so it’s got greater control over migration.
Cupcakes may on the menu when electioneering, but they’re definitely not part of the SNP’s manifesto

Fair Pensions

  • The party opposes any increase to the state pension age, and pledges to “reverse the cut to Pension Credit and demand that the government re-instates the free TV licence for all over-75s”.

Tackling the Drugs Crisis

  • The SNP Scottish government wants drug policy devolved to “tackle drug-related deaths and harm” in Scotland.

Eradicating Poverty and Inequality

  • Apart from stopping Universal Credit, the party wants to end the benefit freeze as well as the two child cap on tax credits and associated rape clause.
SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon gives her party’s candidate for North East Fife Stephen Gethins a haircut
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End Austerity

  • Families are “struggling and our public services are stretched”, says the SNP

Escape from Brexit

  • The SNP says: “Scotland voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU. But [this] has been completely ignored by Westminster and our interests have been trampled over throughout the entire process. This is unacceptable.”

NHS Funding

  • The UK government will be asked to match Scottish per capita NHS spending.



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