Simon Cowell worries Celebrity X Factor viewers with ‘ill’ appearance


Simon Cowell worried Celebrity X Factor viewers as they feared he was ill tonight.

The 60-year-old appeared on the ITV show this evening as a batch of celebrities hoped to wow with their vocals.

However his dramatic weight loss, a result of his vegan diet, distracted fans tonight as he looked almost like a different person.

One tweeted: “Is Simon Cowell okay? Really doesn’t look well! #XFactorCelebrity.”

Another wrote: “Is Simon Cowell ill? He looks awful – really gaunt, scrawny and unhealthy. #XFactorCelebrity #SimonCowell.”
Simon Cowell worried Celebrity X Factor viewers tonight
Fans feared that the media mogul was ill

A third remarked: “#XFactorCelebrity Simon looks so ill.”

“Simon Cowell – what’s going on? He looks ill and sounds terrible. Hope he’s ok #XFactorCelebrity,” another wrote.

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A fan commented: “#XFactorCelebrity Simon cowell looks ill, and slurred.”

One wrote: “Simon looks seriously ill #XFactorCelebrity.”

Another worried: “Is Simon Cowell ill? He looks absolutely awful. #XFactorCelebrity.”

*X Factor: Celebrity returns tomorrow on ITV


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