Sickening moment vile yobs put cat in microwave and switch it on


TWO twisted yobs put a cat in a microwave and turned it on in a sickening online video.

The vile youths videoed the horrifying moment as they forced the helpless moggy into the device against its will in France.

The shocking video captures the youths forcing the cat into a microwave
The helpless moggy becomes extremely distressed after the thugs turned it on

The footage, which we have chosen not to publish, was posted on Snapchat and shows the sickos laughing as they torture the trapped animal.

The video includes a caption saying: “think I’m going to hell” and several laughing faces.

Footage, believed to have been taken in Dunkirk, shows the cat in clear distress as it cries and desperately paws at the microwave door.

A statement from the Dunkirk Society for the Protection of Animals (SPA) said: “The SPA wants to reassure all those concerned about what has become of this little kitty. He’s alive and fine.


“The video broadcast on Snapchat is an absolute horror, the poor kitten fighting all his strength screaming in pain.

“We will not put this video on our page, not to shock and reveal the faces of these two idiots even if they deserve it.

“We managed to get their names, their residence and of course a complaint of abuse was made.”

The video also appeared on Twitter as horrified members of the public blasted the thugs.

One wrote: “Please deal with this urgently & accordingly.

“Possibly register the cat owner in a mental institute with a straight jacket along with anyone who finds this remotely acceptable or find hilarity in this by ‘forgetting the cat’.”

A stunned user added: “I feel sickened, how can your stomach take this cruelty even if your heart does.”

Another said: “Please tell me they didn’t just kill this cat.

“Someone find me their address and I’ll go to their house and tell them how f***ed up this is.”

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