Sickening Moment Matador Is Scalped By A Bull Two Years After Losing His Eye In Previous Horror Goring


FLAMBOYANT matador Juan José Padilla has been injured yet again after he was gored on Saturday.

The 45-year-old from Jerez de la Frontera, already has only one eye after being gored in 2011.

Twitter Juan José Padilla had a large part of his scalp ripped off by the bull

Now he is recovering from yet another appalling injury after half his scalp was left hanging off as he was performing in front of a packed crowd at the bullring in  Arévalo in northern Spain.

Padilla had to be helped to his feet by colleagues as he held his scalp together after he was mauled by the bull.

He had been taunting the bull when he lost his footing and was charged by the angered animal, knocking him to the ground before being gored several times.

Padilla was rushed to hospital in Avila where doctors said he had not suffered any brain damage after carrying out a CT scan.

YouTube/Ricardo Limon Calderon Padilla lost his footing and was charged by the bull

YouTube/Ricardo Limon Calderon Padilla’s colleagues had to help him to his feet

YouTube/Ricardo Limon Calderon The matador was rushed to hospital in Avila

YouTube/Ricardo Limon Calderon Medics said he had not suffered brain damage in the incident

He was then moved to Seville where he was put under the care of Dr Alberto García-Perla – a specialist in maxillo-facial medicine who has been treating him since he lost his eye in Zaragoza.

Medics say Padilla was lucky to still be alive.

They revealed that he had remained conscious as his horrific 20cm wound was treated with nearly 40 stitches.

The bullfighter posted on his Facebook: “Many thanks to all the followers of the page for their love and demonstrated support.”

BURLADERO.TV Padilla needed 40 stitches in his head

BURLADERO.TV He is currently recovering in Seville

In an earlier post, he said: “I am very well and I want to reassure everyone that my condition after the accident is favourable because I feel very well.

“Now I’m in Seville and I’m waiting for Dr García-Perla to take care of me, who’s going to check my wound, explore it again and he will advise me how to continue with the recovery.

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