Scorned man sells his former fiance’s ‘cursed’ engagement ring online in brutally honest ad


ONE of the most awkward and heart-breaking part of any break-up is having to go through your shared possessions – and that’s only made worse when you’ve had to call off an engagement.

But rather than mourning his relationship in private, one bloke has decided to get back at his former fiance by flogging her “cursed” ring on Facebook – and the product description is nothing short of scathing.

That's it, I'm ring shaming.

The man is trying to flog his ex’s ring for £1,675[/caption]

Posting a picture of the diamond-studded ring on Facebook marketplace, the anonymous American groom has put it up for sale for £1,675 – and his hilarious advert has since been shared on the group That’s It, I’m Ring Shaming.

Describing the condition of the 1 carat ring, the man wrote: “Bought back in May of 2017. This ring is like new condition. Only worn for a short period of time by Satan herself!”

Although he does not disclose how much he originally paid for the engagement ring, the man added: “Bought from Kay’s for a fair amount of money I wish I invested elsewhere.”

And if that wasn’t brutal enough, the man then went on to warn potential buyers that the ring is “cursed”.

That's it, I'm ring shaming.

The scorned groom recommended any buyers have a voodoo priest look over it before presenting the ‘cursed’ ring to a loved one[/caption]

He continued: “Ring may be cursed, as it tends to leave a path of destruction behind it.

“Possible events associated with this ring include, but are not limited to: Damage sustained to house, vehicle, heart, downed power lines, fallen trees, swarms of locusts.

“I would highly recommend taking action to counter the whirlwind of bad mojo that surrounds this ring. Should consider having a voodoo priest or something before presenting to a loved one.

“Other than that, this is a very nice piece of jewellery! Looking to sell soon before it brings anymore bad luck into my life.”

That's it, I'm ring shaming.
That's it, I'm ring shaming.

Users were in hysterics over the brutal advert[/caption]

Signing off his advert, the man joked: “If not sold by Christmas, I plan to throw into the fires of Mordor.”

Needless to say, the brutal advert left other members in hysterics.

One replied: “This is why I’m here!!”

Another added: “He gets a standing ovation for the description, not so much for the ring.”

Meanwhile, a third wrote: “This ring is absolutely perfect! Not sorry – think of all the misery it will bring.”

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