‘Sasquatch spotted’ in grainy footage taken in snow-covered mountains… but is it all a hoax?


STAFF at the Washington State Department of Transportation were left scratching their heads after spotting something “strange” on one of their CCTV cameras, questioning if it could mythical creature Sasquatch.

WSDOT playfully took to Twitter on Wednesday to share the grainy webcam images taken near the Cascade Mountains, which seem to show a large figure trudging through the snow.

The Washington State Department of Transportation took to Twitter claiming in a cheeky post to have spotted Sasquatch
WDSOT wrote to their followers: ‘Might be Sasquatch… We will leave that up to you!’

Posing a cheeky question to their followers, WSDOT wrote: “Sasquatch spotted!!! I’m not superstitious… just a little stitious. Have you noticed something strange on our Sherman Pass/SR 20 webcam before? If you look closely by the tree on the left there looks to be something… might be Sasquatch… We will leave that up to you!

Some people wondered if the photos were Photoshopped, but the department insists it’s not a shadow, that it’s not fake, and that there is a story behind the images.

WSDOT Tacoma Traffic joined in on the fun, sharing a hazard sign that had the large furry beast on it.

They wrote: “Beware: Dude with size 19 feet meandering.”

WSDOT Tacoma Traffic got in on the joke, sharing a funny hazard sign

The images have gained a lot of attention on social media, with followers commenting asking for more photos and if a search party could be formed to look for Sasquatch.

One user took to the post to spoil the fun and share with the masses that they were seeing a “tree trunk shadow.”

Mallory Dockery commented on the post: “Zoom in, it’s the tree trunk shadow. I want to believe but I don’t believe this picture. Or that he stood still in multiple photos… unless he is frozen of course. Lol”

WSDOT quickly took to Dockery’s comment to dispel her theory.

They joked: “I can confirm that it is not a shadow or the tree trunk. There is a story behind it.”

The agency can’t confirm if it is in fact Sasquatch, so it’s leaving it up to social media to decide.

The alleged Sasquatch was captured on webcam in the Cascade Mountains

Alleged sightings of Sasquatch, also known as Bigfoot, have baffled and enthralled for hundreds of years, with numerous people claiming to have captured photographic evidence of the mythical creature in the wild.

Some think Bigfoot is a descendant of an extinct giant ape, but some claim it could even be an extra-terrestrial being.

The beast is thought to stand seven to 10 ft tall and weigh more than 35 stone, with footprints 17 inches long.

One of the first discoveries of Bigfoot was back in 1811 when British explorer David Thompson found large footprints that have been attributed to the creature.

In October 2017, a farmer claimed he had seen a whole family of Bigfeet, carrying a pig while running through his Californian ranch.

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