Sarasota-Bradenton airport passenger traffic up almost 50% in June


The airport said Thursday that it set an all-time record for passenger traffic for the month of June, when 147,615 passengers traveled through the local airport.

When it comes to passenger traffic, Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport continues to outdo itself.

The airport said Thursday that it set an all-time record for passenger traffic for the month of June this year. Last month, 147,615 passengers traveled through Sarasota-Bradenton, an almost 50% increase compared to June of 2018.

That growth can be chalked up to a massive increase in service at the airport that started about 16 months ago. Over the past year and a half, SRQ has added two new carriers — Allegiant Air and Frontier Airlines — 23 new routes and 18 new destinations. The arrival of low-cost carriers Allegiant and Frontier represented a shift for the airport, because before they came, Sarasota-Bradenton didn’t have any budget airlines in its fleet. 

Allegiant started service at Sarasota-Bradenton in April 2018 with three destinations — Indianapolis, Indiana; Cincinnati, Ohio and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania — but by November the airline had already announced plans for nine additional routes.

Today, Allegiant operates 12 nonstop routes out of the local airport, including Asheville, North Carolina; Baltimore, Maryland; Cincinnati; Cleveland, Ohio; Columbus, Ohio; Grand Rapids, Michigan; Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; Indianapolis; Nashville, Tennessee; Pittsburgh; Richmond, Virginia and Syracuse, New York.

Frontier started service to Atlanta, Georgia; Cleveland and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in December.

Sarasota-Bradenton also had a record-breaking May, where 161,435 passengers traveled through the airport, a 39.9% increase over May 2018.

Airport President and CEO Rick Piccolo said that he expects things will continue to accelerate.

“We expect to see continued growth moving forward and are excited to become the premier gateway for Sarasota–Bradenton and its beaches,” Piccolo said.

Year-to-date passenger traffic at the airport is also up 39.6%.


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