Sarah Sanders: Dean's 'Dog and Pony Show' an 'Embarrassment'


House Democrats’ decision to bring Watergate-era White House counsel John Dean in as a star witness before the Judiciary Committee was a “colossal embarrassment,” Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said Tuesday.

“I think that the display that Chairman (Jerry) Adler in the path that he’s gone down is a true embarrassment to his committee, certainly to the country,” Sanders told Fox News’ “Fox and Friends.” “I think it’s a great disservice to the American people. They deserve far better than what they’re getting from Democrats in Congress. They don’t get to redo something because they didn’t like the results of the election.”

And, she added, the “dog and pony show” of bringing in Dean was “just a complete and colossal embarrassment.”

The fact that the “star witnesses” who have testified before the committee include President Donald Trump’s former attorney, Michael Cohen, who is now in jail and Dean, who was convicted of lying to Congress shows it’s “time for them to move on” as there was no collusion or obstruction on the president’s part, said Sanders.

She called on Democrats to work with Trump instead to fix problems such as the crisis at the Mexico border, infrastructure, lowering drug prices, and more.

“We have a lot of things that we could be doing,” said Sanders. “Instead the Democrats want to play these games and I think it’s just a sad, sad day, mostly for them but certainly for the country.”

Meanwhile, Mexico is doing more than members of the House to stop the flow of illegal immigrants than Democrats are, said Sanders.

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