Samsung Galaxy S9+ Deal – Price Cut To £18 Per Month Makes It Cheaper Than Buying Phone Outright


A SMASHING Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus deal gets you the phone for just £18 a month – saving you hundreds off the R.R.P.

It’s probably the cheapest way to buy Samsung’s most impressive smartphone right now, so don’t miss out.

Alamy Samsung’s Galaxy S9 Plus is the flagship phone in Samsung’s line-up

Over at, you can pick the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus up for just £18 per month.

You’ll also have to fork out a £260 upfront fee, which is far less than the £750 retail price for Samsung’s Galaxy S9 Plus.

The deal includes unlimited minutes, unlimited texts, and a gigabyte of data every single month.

The total cost of this contract over two years is £692, which is £58 cheaper than buying the phone outright – not bad.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus for £18 per month at – buy now

Getty – Contributor The phone is a direct rival to Apple’s iPhone X – and is one of this year’s top models

But it’s important to remember that this deal includes a data allowance, which makes the saving even bigger.

Vodafone usually charges £16.50 per month for a 1GB SIM plan, if you sign up for 12 months.

If you choose a rolling 30-day plan, you’ll pay a loftier £18.50.

So spreading the cost of the year-long plan over two years, it comes to £396.

Tack that on top of the £750 SIM-free price of Samsung’s Galaxy S9 Plus and you get a total of £1,146.

That means this contract actually saves you an impressive £454 – a real steal, and much better value than buying the phone outright.

It’s rare that a contract deal is this good: usually, on-contract phones end up costing much more than the R.R.P of a handset.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is the tech giant’s top phone model right now.

It was only unveiled back in February this year, and didn’t make it onto store shelves until mid-March.

So it’s a very new bit of kit, launching even more recently than November’s iPhone X, the £999 Apple flagship.

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