Sainsbury’s food recall after undeclared allergens found – full list of affected products


Sainsbury’s is subject to an urgent food recall after a product of found sold on their shelves was discovered to contain allergens the were not disclosed on the product label, posing a possible health risk to anyone with an allergy or intolerance to eggs.

The supermarket giant are urgently recalling by Sainsbury’s Hot Buffalo Dip because it contains egg which has not been mentioned on the label. Some packs may also contain a garlic and herb di

The notice released by Sainsbury’s stated: “It has been brought to our attention that a small number of pots of by Sainsbury’s Hot Buffalo Dip 90g (Chilled) may contain traces of egg which is not declared on the pack.

“As a precautionary measure, we are asking customers who have purchased this product and have an allergy or an intolerance to egg, to return it to their nearest Sainsbury’s store, where they will receive a full refund.

“For any concerns or questions regarding this, please contact our Careline on 0800 636262 or by email to”

Those who have bought the product are being urged not to eat the food to avoid risk.

“No other Sainsbury’s products have been affected by this issue. We would like to apologise for the inconvenience this may cause,” they said.

This urgent recall comes only days after Sainsbury’s Tomato & Basil soup also came under fire for containing undeclared allergens.

Sainsbury’s have issued an urgent warning to its customer after the supermarket giant urgently recalled Sainsbury’s Tomato & Basil soup because it has been discovered that some of the products may contain wheat (gluten) which has not been mentioned on the label.

The Food Standard Agency stated that Sainsbury’s Tomato & Basil soup: “Contains wheat (gluten) which is not mentioned on the label.

“This means the product is a possible health risk for anyone with an allergy or intolerance to wheat or gluten.”

The packs that are affected are Sainsbury’s Tomato & Basil 600g soup with a best before date of 08-December-2019.

The supermarket giant has issued a point-of-sale notice to its customers and has also called the relevant allergy support organisations in order for the organisation to get in touch with members about the recall.


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