Ryanair Strike 2018 – What Are The July Walkout Dates, Will Flights Be Cancelled And Why Are Pilots And Cabin Crew Striking?


RYANAIR is set to face industrial action in July 2018.

Irish trade union members will go on strike for the first time on Thursday, July 12, and now unions in Italy, Portugal, Spain and Belgium are set to join them on July 25. Here’s what we know about the action.

Getty Images Ryanair pilots are set to walk out over working practices

What is the July 2018 walkout?

Pilots who are members of its Irish trade union will go on strike for the first time on Thursday, July 12, in a row over working practices.

Unions representing cabin crews in Spain, Portugal and Belgium will strike for two days between July 25 and 26, whilst the Italian crews will strike for one day on July 25.

Europe’s biggest budget carrier averted widespread strikes before last Christmas by deciding to recognise trade unions for the first time in its 32-year history, but has since struggled to reach agreement on terms in some countries.

Ryanair, which flies in 37 countries and carried 130million passengers last year, has so far signed agreements with pilots in Italy and Britain, two of its largest markets, but also experienced minor disruption in Germany and Portugal.

AFP or licensors The Ryanair strike is on Thursday, July 12

Ryanair pilots eligible to vote in a ballot called by the Forsa/IALPA trade union, which does not include contractors, backed the call to engage in industrial action and will strike for 24 hours.

The union, which said 94 of the 95 ballots returned were in favour of industrial action, has advised Ryanair that it will notify it of additional strike days in due course but also remains available and willing to engage on the issues.

Some 120 union members, most of them captains, are directly employed by Ryanair and able to strike, a spokesman for the union said.

Around 400 of Ryanair’s more than 4,000 pilots are based in Ireland.

Will my flight be cancelled?

It is too early to say which flights will be affected by the pilot walkout.

At the moment only pilots based in Ireland are striking.

However it is one of the busiest times for parents as schools in Northern Ireland are already on their summer break.

What have Ryanair said?

Ryanair said it would contact customers travelling from Ireland if the strike went ahead and invited the union to its offices for talks.

It said Forsa/IALPA had failed to take up 18 previous invitations to do so.

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