Ruddy to Newsmax TV: Trump 'Wowed' British Media


Several of the 13 contenders to replace outgoing British Prime Minister Theresa May were in attendance at Monday night’s state dinner at Buckingham Palace, and seem interested in the support of President Donald Trump and forging a good relationship with the United States, Newsmax Media CEO Christopher Ruddy told Newsmax TV on Tuesday.

“Usually you have two or three major contenders here in Britain when something like this opens,” Ruddy, a close friend of Trump’s and a guest at the dinner, told Tuesdays “America Talks Live.” “It’s not clear yet who it’s going to be, but I think everybody’s jockeying for position. I think everybody is concerned or interested in the support of the president. They like to have a good working relationship with the United States.”

Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt, one of the contenders in attendance, is “very pro-American” and Trump would “like him a lot,” Ruddy said.

Meanwhile, former London Mayor Boris Johnson, who Trump said last week would make a “very good prime minister,” was not at the dinner.

“Apparently they have had some communication while he’s been here, but they haven’t formally met up,” Ruddy said.

Trump has gotten a favorable reception while in London, Ruddy said, and he thinks “he wowed” the British establishment.

“I’ve been looking at the British media and it’s been very positive to the president,” said Ruddy. “It wasn’t the case previously, and so I think it’s been a very major turning point . . . he’s done a tremendous job. Melania also has been a wonderful representative of the United States and they said the right things, they’ve done the right things, and it’s resonating.”

Ruddy also commented Trump does appreciate the relationship the United States has with Britain, while arguing Germany has not paid its fair share toward NATO.

“Britain’s paying its 2% commitment; America pays 4% of its GDP; Germany’s paying less than 1%,” Ruddy said. “The president’s saying, if we have NATO, why should we be paying all the bills to defend Germany?”

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