Royal Caribbean cruise death family admit grandad left tragic toddler to fall to her death from this window rail


THE grieving family of a toddler who tragically plunged 150ft fell to her death on a Royal Caribbean cruise have admitted her grandad left her on the ship’s window rail.

Family lawyer Michael Winkleman said Chloe Wiegand fell through an open glass pane, adding that her grandfather “thought there was glass just like everywhere else, but there was not, and she was gone in an instant.”

The windows slide open with a handle
The windows on the Royal Caribbean cruise slide open with a handle
Doting grandad Salvatore Anello is pictured holding tragic Chloe Wiegand
Doting grandad Salvatore Anello is pictured holding Chloe Wiegand before her tragic death
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Winkleman said in a statement reported by Sky News that the little girl fell due to an open glass pane that should have been closed securely.

He explained that Chloe had been playing with her grandfather Salvatore Anello in the “kid’s water zone” on the ship as it was docked in Puerto Rico.

She then asked him to lift her to a wall of windows lining the play area, The Guardian reported.

Tragically, Chloe fell from the 11th floor window and landed on the concrete dock below.


Pictures released from the cruise ship’s interior reveal the windows slide open with a handle.

It has not been determined which window eighteen-month-old Chloe fell from.

The little girl, from Indiana in the US, was earlier reported to have slipped from her grandfather’s arms on Sunday afternoon.

Cops are said to be contemplating filing charges, but the family’s attorney hit back at the accusations that Anello was acting irresponsibly.

He said the story “is not as it had originally been portrayed in the media”.

The family have since supported Anello and released a picture of Chloe leaning on a see-through barrier at a hockey rink, saying she would bang on the glass at her older brother’s hockey games.

They have instead pinned blame for the tragedy on The Royal Caribbean cruise line, maintaining the open glass pane that should have been closed securely.

The little girl loved to bang on the glass at her brother’s ice hockey games

The girl fell 150ft from Royal Caribbean’s Freedom of the Seas to the concrete dock
The open window can be seen as cops examine the scene on board
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Mr Winkleman said the grieving family wants to know why a window that “should have been closed securely” was open.

He added: “The family needs answers as to why there would be an open window in a wall full of fixed windows in a kids’ play area? Why would you have the danger without any warning, sign, or notice?

“Essentially her grandfather lifts her up and puts her on a railing and where he thinks that there is glass there because it’s clear, but it turns out there was no glass there.

“She goes to bang on the glass like she would have at one of those hockey rinks, and the next thing you know, she’s gone.”

He asked: “Why in the world would you leave a window open in an entire glass wall full of windows in a kid’s area?”

Why in the world would you leave a window open in an entire glass wall full of windows in a kid’s area?”

Family attorney Michael Winkleman

On Monday, Puerto Rico Ports Authority spokesman Jose Carmona said the family was gathered in or near a dining hall at the time of the incident, and that the grandfather had sat Chloe on the edge of a window.

He said it remained unclear whether the window was already open or if someone opened it.

If negligence charges are filed they will carry a maximum of three years behind bars.

Police sources have said the footage on the security cameras aboard the ship will be decisive in their investigation, El Vocero reported.

One officer said he couldn’t rule out police filing murder charges.

Local police have declined to comment on the grandfather’s account of events, but said the family will remain in the country until their investigation is complete.

It is believed the girl's grandad sat her on a railing next to the windows on the 11th floor
It is believed the girl’s grandad sat her on a railing next to the windows on the 11th floor
Enterprise News and Pictures
Salvatore Anello had to be sedated because he was so hysterical
Chloe Wiegand pictured with her mum before the toddler’s tragic death
Family members were heard screaming in agony after watching little Chloe fall


Mr Anello and several other family members were so hysterical after the child’s tragic death plunge that they had to be sedated by medics, according to El Vocero.

Witnesses told how they heard the family, from Indiana, US, wailing in agony after Chloe fell to her death.

One passenger told Telemundo PR: “We heard the screams of the families because we were close.

“A cry of pain of that nature does not compare with any other cry.”

It is still not clear whether Mr Anello or anyone else will be prosecuted over Chloe’s death, with cops quizzing witnesses and reviewing CCTV before deciding whether to file charges.

Henry Escalera Rivera, Commissioner of the Police Bureau, told Prima Hora: “This is a process that is under investigation.

“We must wait to interview relatives and evaluate other evidence to determine if the filing of charges is appropriate.”

Devastated mum Kimberley Schultz Wiegand posted pictures of herself with her little girl on Facebook in the wake of the tragedy.

Friends and family paid tribute, leaving comments like: “Sweet angel. Praying for you and your family Kim.”

Another wrote: “You are loved. Praying for you and your family. I’m so sorry.”

A spokesperson for Royal Caribbean told Sun Online: “We are deeply saddened by yesterday’s tragic incident, and our hearts go out to the family.

“We’ve made our Care Team available to assist the family with any resources they need.

“Out of respect for their privacy, we do not plan to comment further on the incident.”

Heartbroken Kimberly Schultz Wiegand shared a picture after the tragedy
The girl is believed to have fallen from an 11th floor window
Police at the scene of the tragedy investigating another window. It is not clear exactly which one the girl fell from

Primera Hora

Police at the scene of the tragedy[/caption]

Primera Hora

The Freedom of the Seas ship was docked in Puerto Rico at the time[/caption]

Police have been interviewing passengers who witnessed the horror[/caption]

The family’s attorney Michael Winkleman hit back at the accusations that Anello was acting irresponsibly
The girl was rushed to hospital but pronounced dead a short time later
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The Freedom of the Seas was launched in August 2005 and is the 15th largest passenger ship in the world
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Passengers aboard the vessel look over a balcony
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